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Qlik unveils a Rapid-Deployment AI Accelerator

Qlik Connect

Attendees at Qlik Connect, held in Orlando, Florida, from June 3-5, will have the unique opportunity to explore the cutting edge of AI innovation.

Qlik has enabled the integration of AI across industries, driving substantial business outcomes. To make AI more approachable for enterprises at all stages of technological adoption, Qlik has introduced the AI Accelerator. This service is designed as an initial foray for companies looking to explore the possibilities AI can offer, acting as an entry point into the broader landscape of AI-driven analytics.

The impact of Qlik’s AI solutions demonstrates the practical benefits and strategic value of deploying AI on top of solid data foundations. To name a few, Healthcare, Digital Marketing and Financial Services have a visible positive impact. 

“From data integration and analytics to advanced AI-driven insights, Qlik offers a suite of solutions that work together seamlessly, helping businesses to not only understand their current state but also to predict trends and automate decision-making processes.”

James Fisher, Chief Strategy Officer, Qlik

“Reflecting on our momentum with customers using AI, we see a pivotal shift towards scalable AI, deeply anchored in strong data foundations. Successful AI implementations hinge on exceptional data management, a principle driving our strategy and evidenced in sectors from healthcare to finance. Our focus is on enabling businesses to leverage AI effectively, underpinned by quality data, ensuring AI’s transformative potential is fully realized,” remarked James Fisher, Chief Strategy Officer, Qlik. 

Qlik’s AI Accelerator, available to new and existing customers, offers a direct path for rapid integration, simplifying businesses’ initial forays into AI. Designed for swift deployment within existing Qlik applications, this service allows companies to practically apply and experiment with AI’s capabilities in a low-commitment manner. Qlik’s AI Accelerator is just one element of a comprehensive ecosystem designed to empower businesses at every stage of their data journey.

“Our next step is to go deeper into AI/ML models and work more with refinery operations on process optimization, pricing mechanisms, project monitoring, and CRM. All these processes will utilize Qlik for visualization and insights, enabling us to track KPIs and monitor operations across the organization.”

Sukla Mistry, Director (Refineries), Indian Oil

Qlik is offering a $100 early bird discount for attendees who register for Qlik Connect by May 3. Attendees purchasing passes to Qlik Connect are eligible for a 10% discount on the AI Accelerator service.

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