Qlik Analytics Platform Launched

Is designed specifically for developers to build data-driven apps to power

Qlik has released a modern analytics platform to support the development and creation of custom and guided analytics applications, including web mash-ups.

The Qlik Analytics Platform is designed specifically for developers to build data-driven apps to power and differentiate their organization with the underlying performance of Qlik announced the press release. The Qlik Analytics Platform can be used to extend the reach of business intelligence (BI) strategies to partners and customers via their extranet and internet sites, fostering greater collaboration and interaction through data.

The Qlik Analytics Platform delivers full access to the next-generation QIX Associative Data Indexing Engine that enables users to explore relationships across multiple data sources that would be hidden in hierarchical, query-based data models. The QIX engine leverages an in-memory columnar store delivering high-performance data compression and indexing, which enables more free-form exploration of the data without having to pre-determine the types of questions users may have. The result is not just faster time to create apps, but faster time for users to gain answers and insights.

“Although the visualizations supported by the Qlik Analytics Platform are intuitive, designed for mobile, and ‘smart’, in that they are always context-aware, the real secret sauce is indeed the QIX engine,” said Anthony Deighton, Qlik CTO and SVP of Products. “Developers can build apps that point to existing data sources and/or data warehouses, or just load the data into QIX and take full advantage of the powerful indexing technology that will differentiate their apps from others. In fact, we built Qlik Sense using the same platform and APIs we are now making available to developers worldwide.”

“Qlik is bringing its vision of analytics for everyone to life. Just like our user experience that offers free-form exploration, we don’t limit the possibilities for what types of data-driven applications could be built, creating a significantly bigger market for Qlik and its partners,” said Rick Jackson, Qlik CMO.

Qlik Analytics Platform and its developer-based pricing will be available in June 2015.

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