Puppet offers On-Demand Training for Free


Over 40,000 companies using Puppet and the demand for infrastructure automation on the rise, this is right time to learn.

 Puppet by Perforce offers announced free on-demand introductory courses for Puppet technologies. The latest courses complement Puppet’s mission and commitment to offer a wide variety of readily available educational offerings to support different styles of learning.

Unlimited choices and the growth of cloud has led to complex enterprise environments. Increasingly, businesses are looking to infrastructure automation technologies like Puppet to help manage and automate this complexity in a simple and continuous manner. In a 2022 Gartner survey, the firm predicted that by 2025, 70% of organizations will implement structured automation to deliver flexibility and efficiency, an increase from 20% of organizations in 2021.

“We’ve built these classes to accommodate someone who is just starting in this space, or looking to expand Puppet knowledge within their business,” said Beth Weinberger, Vice President of Operations and Education at Puppet by Puppet. “This new hands-on experience with infrastructure automation in real environments helps with job advancements and placement.”

This training also provides the opportunity to:

  • Gain an understanding of configuration management
  • Level up IT skills
  • Introduces modern technology in the field of infrastructure as code (IaC).

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