Case Study

Prione Case Study

A joint venture between Catamaran Ventures and  Amazon, Prione Business Services’ primary mission is  to enable Indian small and medium businesses (SMBs)  to thrive in the fast-growing e-commerce industry in  India. Started in 2014 with a handful of employees,  today Prione has a workforce that tops 800 people  across India. The company offers a variety of services  that is tailored to help SMBs run their online  businesses profitably.

Prione gains agility and enhance productivity with cloud solutions

Prione Business Services, an SMB-focused business service, was in a rapid growth phase; adding  customers and employees at a fast pace. This growth brought forth a set of challenges, primarily  associated with collaboration, mobility, and security. The company had to address these challenges  efficiently in a timely fashion, before they affected the business growth. These called for an effective  collaboration and communication solution as well as an enterprise mobility security platform. The  search for which brought Prione to Microsoft.

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