Preparing A Smartphone For Sale – A Simple Guide

A good way to lower the cost of purchasing new personal tech devices is to sell your older, outdated models. There will always be someone willing to buy them. This is especially true of smartphones, which can retain at least some of their value for a little while.

Preparing a smartphone for sale is important, because the last thing you want is to give your buyer a full device with all of your personal information and content still there. For those who might not be as tech-literate, this can be important to consider.
Moreover, this not only applies to those who have personal devices, but also those who might be selling a job lot of professional devices you loaned to your team as you update your suite.
For this reason, taking some time to prepare that smartphone for sale is important. In this post, we’ll discuss some simple steps for protecting your safety and rendering the phone good as new:

Removing Content From The Phone
Removing content from the phone is important. Sure, you can factory reset the phone, but if it’s registered to your iCloud account then someone might be able to log in, or you might have an SD card still in the phone on Android that needs to be formatted. Moreover, you can remove photos simultaneously as the first starting point, then formatting the phone, deactivating the registration from your cloud accounts, and making absolutely sure all extra storage cards are removed will be very helpful.

Factory Resetting
Factory resetting the device is quite important in that it can completely reset all of the default settings, help format your drives such as the main drive and the SD card if you have one (make sure this is achieved through your device settings later), and removes all of your accounts. This means that someone purchasing the phone essentially gets a fresh phone to play with, with security features you’ve set up disabled ahead of time.

Turn Security Features Off
Note – Apple’s device finding service may need to be switched off, especially before the sale and deregistered from your Apple ID, otherwise you may still have access to the phone’s location within your account.
This also goes for any third-party apps you have that might have registered the phone and works with its GPS system. However, it’s also good to remove any other settings you’ve implemented, such as turning off all of your biometric data just to be sure when factory resetting, or if you’ve applied any settings to the phone’s BIOS, that you switch those off where appropriate. In the long run, an approach like this can ensure you will be completely rid of the phone after a sale. It will also ensure the owner doesn’t have to contact you again in order to switch some of these systems off.
With this advice, we hope you can prepare your smartphone for sale in the best possible way; making a little money for your new device, and getting rid of old tech laying around the house.

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