o9 Solutions Launches a New aim10x Knowledge and Networking Platform to Support Innovators, Academics and Leaders

o9 Solutions

o9 Solutions, a leading enterprise AI software platform provider for transforming planning and decision-making, today announced that it’s launching a new, cutting-edge aim10x platform to help supply chain, procurement, revenue management, IT and sustainability professionals better connect, share insights and learn from each other to help them lead their organizations into the digital future.

Powered by o9, aim10x is a unique, global space created to support innovators, academics and cross-industry leaders in enterprise planning and decision-making. With the new platform, aim10x community members will receive a far more personalized experience that curates content highly relevant to their backgrounds and roles. Members of the new online aim10x platform can access a much larger library of videos, blogs and other types of content designed to provide the insights and knowledge to succeed in their day-to-day work and drive career acceleration.

In addition to the new platform, aim10x offers webinars, online and offline events where experts and practitioners can meet. It also features the aim10x global and live event series, the Executive Council and the Masters of Digital Transformation podcast. The latest edition of aim10x global in late march resulted in 11,000-plus registrations and and featured more than 60 speakers sharing thoughts and ideas on supply chain, procurement, revenue management, IT, and sustainability topics.

“o9 founded aim10x as a forum for knowledge sharing and to provide a space for enterprise planning experts and practitioners to network,” said Igor Rikalo, o9’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “It has since grown significantly. With the platform in place, I’m looking forward to having meaningful discussions with some of today’s foremost supply chain and digital transformation leaders.” 

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