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Not just a Scanner but Scanning Assistant: Alaris S2080w

The S2080w is a perfect companion for any CIO looking to go paperless without adding to his daily workload. Built-wise, Alaris 2080w keeps up with the best industry standards and with a compact frame and interactive touch screen capability. The scanning speed is quick and it is worth mentioning that the actual speed matches up and even betters the claimed 80 ppm and 160 ipm by a couple of pages. The scanner has a built-in processor which works as a scanning assistant taking over the redundant tasks like indexing, thus eliminating workload from PCs. Combines with the intuitive control panel to give vital information on errors and better task setup.

Apart from the effortless scanning, some key plus points of the Alaris S2080w are its superior paper feeding and document handling techniques. The Active feed technology takes care of issues like misalignment and multiple feed issues that result in rescanning and wastage of precious time. The scanner also self adjusts for paper thickness and sizes and is able to scan mixed set of documents with ease. Another feature is the embedded Image processing which delivers high quality scanning across devices. The scanning mechanism has LED Illumination which gives new levels of clarity, optimizes text readability and decreases the prominence of folds and wrinkles on pages. This makes S2080w a great fit at digitization of old documents and converting organizations into paperless environments, which is a big part of the Digital India program too.

Alaris 2080w’s Info Input Express LE software uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for automatic data extraction. The software allows you to scroll through up to 20 job setups and make a selection based on the description or activity. Keeping up with its ability to perform as a scanning assistant, the S2080w is a great network scanner apart from the traditional USB capability. Seemingly business ready, it works seamlessly with Cloud and On-premise applications, and its integrated Web API means that no drivers are needed for installation. Installation can also be performed through the barcode scanning feature. The S2080w can work across devices from PCs, Mobiles and Tablets and can take scanning commands from up to 10 devices at a time. S2080w is complimented by two Flatbed Accessories for Passport and A4 size scanning requirements. All in all a capable offering, the S2080w is the perfect digitization assistant for CIOs in sectors like BFSI, Government, Education Healthcare and Manufacturing among others.

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