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NICE brings intelligent connectivity to enterprise RPA

The newest edition of NICE Robotic Automation introduces robust, universal and intelligent connectivity, increasing operational stability and reducing time-to-value gap

NICE Robotic Automation 6.7, the latest version of its automation solution that delivers new capabilities to power up benefits for a wide array of operations and business sectors. The current release includes a breakthrough in intelligent connectivity, reducing time to value in designing and deploying process automations, and ensuring greater operational continuity.

NICE leads the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) industry with its comprehensive platform, driven by cognitive technology, uniquely providing both unattended and employee-assisted (attended) automations. With strong connectivity integral to process automation deployment success, NICE introduces the universal connectivity layer in Robotic Automation 6.7 to support integration with any application as well as the deployment of multiple process automations from a single platform.

The innovative new release combines NICE’s leading object-based connectivity with a new layer of surface-based intelligence, an advanced AI-based algorithm known as Shape Analysis technology. This combination has created a universal connectivity breakthrough, assuring robust support for every RPA deployment by integrating with any application and virtual Citrix environment.

In addition to this latest connectivity innovation, NICE Robotic Automation 6.7 forms an intrinsic part of expanding the automation division’s cognitive technology and AI framework. In Robotic Automation 6.7, this is also reflected in the growing built-in capabilities of NICE robots to execute chatbot requests in real-time. Similarly, an intelligent scheduling engine now enables the user to better manage the virtual workforce’s time, as part of advanced monitoring and control capabilities. Security in the latest Robotic Automation release has also been enhanced, with unique password control capabilities and user-specific permission settings, meeting the strictest enterprise-level standards. A fresh design of the NICE Robotic Automation control room’s user interface makes all the current upgrades and standard operations easier to use and more aesthetically clear.

Miki Migdal, President of the NICE Enterprise Product Group said: “There are currently many implementation and deployment challenges facing technical teams in the RPA industry today. Ensuring robust and stable connectivity is chief among them. With 15 years of enterprise-grade experience, NICE is addressing these issues in the comprehensive NICE Robotic Automation 6.7 platform, which is set to transform the industry with the unprecedented Shape Analysis innovation and universal connectivity approach. This breakthrough will forever enable the deployment of more stable and robust process automations.”

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