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FireEye Protects Enterprises with Digital Threat Monitoring

FireEye’s Digital Threat Monitoring assists organizations in early identification of threats. 

FireEye’s Digital Threat Monitoring is a new way for customers to defend their digital footprint across otherwise inaccessible facets of the web.

FireEye Digital Threat Monitoring automatically collects and analyzes content on the dark and open web, alerting defenders whenever a potential threat is detected. By exposing threats early, organizations can more effectively identify breaches, exposures, and digital threats before they escalate – without adding operational complexity for the current security team.

Digital Threat Monitoring serves as a natural starting point for organizations looking to add intelligence capabilities to their security portfolio. We’re reducing risk by helping internal security teams extend their reach so they can focus on the most immediate threats to their organizations. This ROI benefit is easy to understand for business leaders outside of security.”

Sandra Joyce, SVP of Global Intelligence, FireEye.

FireEye Digital Threat Monitoring service options include Digital Threat Assessment, Digital Threat Monitoring, Digital Threat Monitoring Advanced and Digital Threat Monitoring Enterprise.

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