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Dell Technologies and AT&T Collaborate on Open Source Edge Computing and 5G Software Infrastructure

Dell Technologies and AT&T are jointly exploring the development of key open infrastructure technology areas for the next-generation network edge that will be required by service providers to support new use cases and service opportunities in a cloud-oriented 5G world.

Combining their respective expertise, Dell Technologies and AT&T will collaborate in the open source community to:

  • Align on an overall vision of network disaggregation and accelerate the deployment of open infrastructure and AT&T Network Cloud utilizing Airship – a collection of loosely coupled, but interoperable, open source tools that declaratively automate cloud provisioning and life-cycle management utilizing containers as the unit of software delivery.
  • Catalyze the broader Airship community to accelerate Airship toward a 2.0 release, delivering streamlined aggregator of best-of-breed open technologies for declaratively deploying and managing Kubernetes environments and cloud software.
  • Jointly develop and enhance additional open source efforts including Metal3-io and OpenStack Ironic, and integrate the Kubernetes Cluster API.
  • Deliver open source automation capabilities across the stack – from bare metal to network to storage – on Dell Technologies infrastructure.

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