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New Relic CodeStream Code-Level Metrics Available for All Languages

Peter Pezaris

Industry’s only in-IDE observability experience provides always-on visibility to code performance right where developers live and flow, at every stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC)

 New Relic launches CodeStream code-level metrics and service-level telemetry to deliver insights into software performance all the way down to the code level, allowing developers to quickly identify issues before they hit production and accelerate engineering velocity. By bringing telemetry data to where developers build and flow, they can access meaningful data without leaving the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), relying on operations teams, or waiting for customers to report issues. New Relic is the only observability platform to connect telemetry data directly to the relevant code inside the IDE, so developers can monitor, debug, and improve their applications with ease. New Relic CodeStream supports all core languages, including: .Net, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, and Node.js.

As observability shifts left and developers take full ownership of software reliability, modern development teams require frictionless access to performance data to help them write optimal code at every stage of the SDLC. However, workflows to instrument, collaborate, and debug production remain disconnected from the tools where they develop and spend most of their time. The disconnect can result in a reactive and inefficient debugging process that could result in outages and impact an organisation’s bottom line – according to the Consortium of Information & Software Quality, the cost of poor software quality in the US has grown to US$2.41 trillion. New Relic CodeStream helps engineers solve this by integrating observability into the full software lifecycle so that developers can optimise the performance of their applications during development.

“Observability as an engineering practice presents a future where essential workflows are fueled by data,” said Peter Pezaris, New Relic SVP of Strategy and Experience. “By bringing production telemetry data into the IDE with New Relic CodeStream, our customers are able to tighten feedback loops and produce better performing software without impacting existing workflows or requiring expensive context switches. New Relic is focusing on shifting left, and CodeStream empowers engineers to get ahead of issues before they hit production and accelerate their development cycles, saving valuable time and money.”

New Relic CodeStream powers the future state of observability for developers by bringing telemetry and tools together in the IDE, allowing for always-on visibility into all metrics, deeper analysis, faster mean time to detection (MTTD), mean time to resolution (MTTR), and shorter development cycles. Capabilities include:

  • Deploy in all core languages: New Relic CodeStream now supports all core languages, including: .Net, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, and Node.js.
  • Monitor code-level performance: Telemetry metrics are displayed as a line of text above each instrumented method for speedy troubleshooting.
  • Access service-level performance: Golden metrics for related services are easily surfaced to identify issues faster.
  • Track performance against service-level objectives: View service performance against predefined targets to ensure overall service health.
  • Data-driven code-reviews: Crucial telemetry data is displayed within pull requests and feedback requests to improve code in production.  

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