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NetApp Advances the State of AI & Secure Infrastructure at INSIGHT 2023

Harv Bhela, Chief Product Officer at NetApp

Delivering a True Data Pipeline for AI & Best-in-Class Ransomware Defense

NetApp unveils updates to enhance hybrid multi-cloud AI data pipelines and bolster ransomware-resistant data storage, reinforcing their commitment to providing leading solutions for customer simplicity, savings, security, and sustainability. 

“There are two major disruptions today for customers: the opportunity of AI and the threat of ransomware,” said Harv Bhela, Chief Product Officer at NetApp.” 

There are two major disruptions today for customers: the opportunity of AI and the threat of ransomware” 

Harv Bhela, Chief Product Officer at NetApp

The industry’s best data pipeline for AI 

To stay competitive, enterprises must innovate and boost efficiency through their AI initiatives but may struggle to get meaningful results from massive amounts of disparate data flowing unhindered through a five-stage pipeline. The datasets necessary to feed these pipelines may live in data lakes throughout the enterprise, on premises and/or in the cloud. This increases design and operational complexity where data silos lead to a lack of visibility into data types and locations, making it difficult to manage or use in AI workloads. 

As the leader in hybrid multicloud, NetApp eases this complexity by delivering high performance all-flash and cloud storage that enable customers to build modern data lakes and accelerate AI. Users can trace multiple AI model versions in production back to their training data to ensure they are using AI responsibly and storage is integrated with MLOps platforms so data scientist experience easier consumption and increased productivity. 

The ONTAP AI converged infrastructure stack leverages the world’s most successful AI supercomputing system – NVIDIA DGX – to enable enterprises everywhere to tackle the most complex AI workloads with an infrastructure solution that eliminates design and deployment complexity. Today, NetApp announced that the AFF C-Series with capacity flash has been added to the ONTAP AI architecture to improve affordability and sustainability. 

“Enterprises that want to tap into the power of generative AI need a platform that can deliver fully customized models leveraging the immense corpus of their business data, tailored to their unique vocabulary, intellectual property, and industry,” said Charlie Boyle, Vice President, DGX platform at NVIDIA.” 

NetApp continues to build AI data pipelines that integrate into all three major public clouds for a true hybrid multicloud experience. Yesterday at NetApp INSIGHT 2023, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian spoke to the ongoing innovation and partnership between NetApp and his company, highlighting the August 2023 introduction of Google Cloud NetApp Volumes. Today, NetApp and Google are announcing support for Google Cloud’s Vertex AI with Google Cloud NetApp Volumes to support hybrid Generative AI applications. 

“Launched in August, Google Cloud NetApp Volumes revolutionizes enterprise workloads in the cloud, with new levels of storage performance combined with simplicity and flexibility,” said Ronen Schwartz, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Storage at NetApp.” 

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