Neo4j Announces 2023 Graphie Award Winners in ASEAN at GraphSummit Jakarta and Singapore

2023 GraphSummit

BioQuest Advisory, Deloitte Singapore, Fajar Jaman, GoTo, PETRONAS, Sixing Huang, and StarHub recognised for groundbreaking achievements in deploying graph technology in pursuit of business excellence

Neo4j announced the winners of the 2023 Graphie Awards in ASEAN in recognition of organisations and individuals for their outstanding innovation in implementing Neo4j’s graph technology.

The successful entrants were selected based on their exemplary use of graph technology to address the most significant enterprise challenges. Graph databases and graph data science are gaining momentum in ASEAN as businesses race to find hidden relationships and patterns over billions of data connections to solve modern data problems. According to Gartner, graph technologies will be used in 80% of data and analytics innovations by 2025, up from 10% in 2021, to facilitate rapid decision-making in organisations.

Congratulations to the Graphie Award winners in ASEAN:

  • BioQuest Advisory (Singapore) – Knowledge Graph for Singapore Smart Nation
  • Deloitte (Singapore) – Excellence in Digital Transformation
  • Fajar Jaman, IYKRA CEO (Indonesia) – Community Excellence Award for Talent Development
  • GoTo (Indonesia) – Pioneer: Knowledge Lake for Real-time Fraud Detection and Product Recommendation
  • PETRONAS (Malaysia) – Pioneer: Data & Knowledge Transformation
  • Sixing Huang, Doctor.ai co-founder (Singapore) – Community Excellence Award for Healthcare
  • StarHub (Singapore) – Emerging Leader: Graph Data Science Value & Machine Learning Implementation

“Deloitte is proud to be a Neo4j Graphie Award recipient for our contribution towards accelerating innovation through graph technology. The exponential growth of graph technology in the region will enable organisations across industries such as logistics, financial services, healthcare, retail and many others to better manage vast amounts of complex data, hasten the decision-making process and ultimately improve business performance,” said Leonard Jayamohan, Executive Director, Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia.

“We are honoured to receive Neo4j’s Graphie Award this year. This recognition is a testament to StarHub’s progressive innovation culture and our commitment to creating more value for our customers. With graph (technology), we enable customers using our data analytics solutions to drive even better business outcomes and enhance customer experiences. Tapping into Neo4j’s technology, we can create infinite possibilities for our graph data science development and machine learning applications. I appreciate the great partnership with Neo4j, and I look forward to their continued support for our mission to connect the digital lives of our customers,” said Lawrence Lim, Head of SmartHub at StarHub.”

“Graph technology underpins the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. This year, we witnessed outstanding projects across various sectors, including banking and financial services, healthcare, energy, logistics, e-commerce, and telecommunications. We congratulate the winners for achieving business-critical breakthroughs using graph technology in their respective fields and applications,” said Nik Vora, Vice President, Asia Pacific at Neo4j.

The Graphie Awards ceremony was held during the 2023 GraphSummit in Jakarta and Singapore from 6 to 8 June. With over 500 attendees, GraphSummit saw technology leaders, key decision makers, technical professionals, CIOs, and graph data science experts coming together from several industries, including aviation, energy, finance, healthcare, and ICT, to discuss the best and latest developments in graph data technology.

GraphSummit featured key Neo4j community leaders and local customers showcasing the most promising applications of graph technology in their respective fields, including:



In addition to GraphSummit, Neo4j hosted a private Data Leaders Breakfast, in collaboration with KORIKA, Indonesia’s Artificial Intelligence Research and Innovation Agency, to discuss the role of graph technology in the nation’s EMAS 2045 vision to become a developed nation. In Jakarta and Singapore, Neo4j alsoconducted GraphWorkshop, a hands-on session which allowed attendees to learn how Neo4j can help address their data challenges while providing deeper business insights, and GraphMeetup – for participants to connect with graph database and graph data science experts and discover the latest trends in graph innovation and applications.

In May, more than 250 participants attended GraphSummits in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

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