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NDT International Launches UAE-Produced Disinfection Gates

NDT International launched disinfection gates to help the country in its ongoing sterilization operations to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

This innovative 360 degrees walk through technology is fitted with an integrated hydraulic system. As you pass through, the tunnel nozzles spray a disinfectant mist that kills most germs and viruses, including COVID-19. This misting ensures an even distribution of the sanitizing agent across the entire surface of the person walking in; even the most hidden areas.

Omar Alhnaity, Managing Director of NDT International, said: “’Our UAE produced eco-friendly sanitizing gates will help prevent the spread of COVID-19. This technology will speed up the process of returning back to our normal lives as soon as possible.”

Sanitary gates can be easily installed at the entrance of high-traffic places. NDT International has currently installed their sanitizing gates at entrances at work offices, malls, markets, construction sites, palace entrances and airports. As cleaning experts, NDT International designed these gates to prevent contagion, as it can be used to immediately break down any viruses or bacteria on clothes and shoes. The gates can also be used to maintain a high level of safety within a company, as it can sanitize the staff at every entrance on a daily basis.

The gates are available in all sizes ranging from small to extra-large. They come with a 1000 litre storage tank, covering up to 15,000 sessions. The approved and certified disinfectant uses 63 millilitres per user in only 3 seconds.  They are customisable depending on the customer demands.

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