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McAfee MPOWER 2019 Focussed on Borderless IT Environment

The company also introduced McAfee MVISION Insights to help organizations move to an action-oriented, proactive security posture by pinpointing threats

At McAfee’s annual MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit, 2019, CEO, Chris Young unveiled new updates & innovations to the company’s enterprise security suite.

One of these innovations is the Unified Cloud Edge, an industry first initiative, to address the security concerns of the cloud by converging the capabilities of its McAfee MVISION Cloud, McAfee Web Gateway, and McAfee DLP offerings—all to be available through the MVISION ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) platform—to enable a borderless IT environment. This convergence enables security professionals to reduce risk and increase productivity for organizations as they move to secure cloud adoption.

In addition to this, the company also introduced McAfee MVISION  Insights to help organizations move to an action-oriented, proactive security posture by pinpointing threats offering insights into the effectiveness of their defences and providing the ability to respond quickly and accurately to these threats. Security teams will soon be able to utilize the data gathered by McAfee from more than one billion sensors worldwide correlated with their own threat data to provide the information needed to battle threats targeting their systems and data, while also pre-emptively preparing defences against threats even before they are seen in their environments.

In today’s evolving threat landscape security professionals need to understand whether their organization is at risk, what specific threats they are susceptible to, and how they can pre-empt the attack. MVISION Insights will provide the analytics to enable organizations to recognize the threats they will need to immediately take action against, and threats that could potentially impact them in the future. This proactive approach will significantly enhance cybersecurity effectiveness with faster response times and higher efficiencies”

Ash Kulkarni, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Enterprise Business Group, McAfee.

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