Marquee Dental Partners and HealthEM.AI Team up to Drive Reimagined Dental Care Experience


HealthEM.AI, announced its partnership with Marquee Dental Partners. Marquee, provides dentists with both the support and the clinical autonomy they need to succeed. 

The partnership will bring together the best of both worlds, combining Marquee’s expertise in providing dental care services with HealthEM.AI’s award-winning AI capabilities. This will equip dentists with insights from patients’ health data and lead to improved clinical outcomes.

 Pradeep Kumar Jain, Chief Product Officer, HealthEM.AI, said“As AI advances, dental care services will become more precise, providing proactive and contextual interventions at the right time to improve the patient experience. We are excited to partner with Marquee on their vision to reimagine the dental care experience and equip dentists with key health data for their patients. HealthEM.AI helps Marquee unlock value from patient and operations data and provides meaningful insights for decision-making that benefit patients and improve clinical outcomes,”

Fred Ward, Chief Executive Officer at Marquee Dental Partners, said,“Our goal is to efficiently arm doctors with a set of insights regarding each patient’s current overall and oral health. Insights that are predictive in nature allow doctors to take preventative steps today to avoid future health problems,” “Coupling a patient’s current health situation with a dentist’s diagnosis using artificial intelligence will make this a reality. Patients should experience lower healthcare costs and enjoy improved overall health. Our vision at Marquee is to take this evolving technology and apply it to transform dental care while improving the patient and the doctor experience. Our partnership with HealthEM.AI supports this vision,” he added.

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