ManageEngine Releases RackBuilder Plus

For 3D visual modeling software for large enterprises and data centers

ManageEngine has launched RackBuilder Plus, the easy-to-use, 3D visual modeling software for large enterprises and data centers.

With RackBuilder Plus, IT and data center admins save time and improve facilities management with a complete inventory of the data center, including all the relationship details between racks, floors and devices announced the press release. In an industry-first combination, RackBuilder Plus also offers real-time monitoring of data center devices.

“A life-like realistic view of the data center is necessary for gaining more visibility and managing it better,” said Dev Anand, Director (Product Management), ManageEngine. “With RackBuilder Plus, data center admins can create an exact replica of the data center floor with all the racks and devices populated — in 3D. This makes it easy for them to quickly locate a device or a rack.”

RackBuilder Plus offers an easy-to-use rack and floor builder that lets data center admins create 3D views of racks and data center floors. Admins just drag and drop devices onto the racks and then drag and drop the racks onto the floors. RackBuilder Plus combines 3D visual modeling with device monitoring to help admins identify the health status of the devices in real time.

RackBuilder Plus also improves facilities management by making it easier for admins to identify the free slots available in each rack as well as the rack space available on each floor. This helps data center admins find out their rack and floor utilization and plan accordingly for future expansion. RackBuilder Plus also supports data migration from other data center documentation tools such as Device42 and RackTables.

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