Lenovo Introduces the new XClarity One to Simplify Edge-To-Cloud Management


Lenovo has continued to celebrate 30 years of ThinkSystem innovation with the launch of the new XClarity One, an industry-first open cloud software management platform. A part of the broadest portfolio enhancement of Lenovo ThinkSystem, XClarity One combines TruScale Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Management-as-a-Service, and Smarter Support analytics into a unified customer portal to simplify management from edge to cloud and provide greater agility.

The Lenovo XClarity One platform provides a modern, intuitive interface that simplifies IT orchestration, deployment, automation, metering, and support from edge to cloud. Customers benefit from visibility into infrastructure performance, usage metering, and support analytics. Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure-as-a-Service provides a pay-as-you-go model, eliminating over-provisioning and providing real-time usage cost insight. Customers can also easily customize where management data resides, from public to private, across hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Sumir Bhatia, President – APAC, Lenovo ISG, said, “Businesses are constantly adopting newer and advanced ICT infrastructure to find innovative ways to deploy, manage and maintain applications from the edge,” “At Lenovo, we strive to bring in advanced solutions to help our customers achieve seamless IT transformation. With the introduction of XClarity One we will provide simplified, flexible, and cost-efficient solution to all our customers, for a seamless digital journey, paving way for business growth.”

The XClarity One platform is made up of the entire suite of XClarity solutions such as Administrator, Orchestrator, Controller, etc. XClarity is a family of tools that help administrators to deploy, manage, optimize, and secure their servers, storage, networking, and solutions. With the XClarity One unified platform, these tools will now be available in the cloud and on-premises to simplify the system management experience via one centralized platform.

Amit Luthra, Managing Director – India at Lenovo ISG, said, “With the wave of digitization taking over the country, it is of utmost importance for organizations in India to not only adopt technology but also update their IT infrastructure to have a competitive edge and stay relevant,” “Our XClarity One platform provides simplified management solutions to our customers, which enables them to decide where their data can reside in the hybrid or multi-cloud environment. The need for customized and automated solutions is growing more than ever. We are confident that the new enhancements brought as part of the ThinkSystem innovation will accelerate the adoption of Smarter IT infrastructure in India.”

Faster and Efficient Solution Deployment

XClarity One facilitates procurement, deployment, and solutions management. The new platform will integrate the functionality of the Lenovo Open Cloud Automation (LOC-A) software, which automates large, distributed compute fabric deployment and management securely. Through a new LOC-A feature called ‘secure late binding’, the ThinkEdge server is shipped directly to the end locations and securely authenticated and activated using the ThinkShield application with a connected phone. All the ThinkEdge software, updated firmware, operating system, and cloud software are installed, making the Edge system fully operational within minutes or hours. Further, LOC-A reduces the time to service, logistic complexity, administrative errors, and carbon footprint by avoiding an unnecessary trip to the site for installation and equipment moving from the staging area to the final destination. As a result, the deployment of Edge solutions will be 3X faster using XClarity One’s automation, authentication, and provisioning capabilities.

The introduction celebrates the 30th anniversary of the ThinkSystem x86 server, a pivotal breakthrough in enterprise computing technology that enabled an open ecosystem for innovation and propelled businesses into the modern information era. Today, as global digitalization accelerates, Lenovo’s new Infrastructure Solutions V3 portfolio provides a unique open architecture with advanced management, superior reliability, and extended security to help companies harness the new era of IT. 

The new Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions V3 and ThinkSystem anniversary coincides with Lenovo’s iconic ThinkPad anniversary, commemorating 30 years of design and engineering innovation and demonstrating Lenovo’s evolution as a technology powerhouse.

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