Kasten by Veeam Announces New K10 V4.5 Kubernetes Data Management Platform

Kasten by Veeam announced the new Kasten K10 V4.5 Kubernetes data management platform. This latest release is focused on delivering an improved out-of-the-box experience, expanding edge capabilities, and broadening ecosystem support for data services and partner technologies. These innovations help organizations protect and optimize their Kubernetes investments.  

“Current Kubernetes data management tools often require extensive expertise and set up time when first deployed, and lack process automation for managing, monitoring, and troubleshooting within an environment,” said Vaibhav Kamra, chief technical officer, Kasten by Veeam. “Offering improved capabilities for a smoother out of the box experience and providing additional ecosystem integration helps meet those needs as container adoption increases.”

Kasten K10 V4.5 new capabilities include a wealth of innovative features for Kubernetes DevOps teams and administrators:

 Improved out-of-the-box experience

Rather than forcing users to utilize legacy tools with limited functionality, Kasten K10 V4.5 provides out of the box integration with a complete set of tools to effectively deploy, manage, monitor and troubleshoot Kubernetes environments. The inclusion of pre-integrated tools can help minimize time to market for new deployments, and offers the flexibility to select the best tools available in the wider Kubernetes ecosystem to avoid vendor lock-in. Kasten K10 V4.5 also includes added coverage for Kafka, Apache Cassandra, K8ssandra, and Amazon RDS.  

Edge support and improved data security

Kubernetes has emerged as the de facto standard for orchestrating containers in edge environments driven by applications like video streaming, AI, and high-volume retail applications, Kasten K10 V4.5 supports secure and reliable data backup and recovery no matter where it is needed. The addition of K3s and EKS Anywhere Kubernetes distributions lets enterprises secure all edge applications from data loss, corruption, or malicious attacks.

Expanded ecosystem support
Customers continue to demand increased support of more storage, data services and Kubernetes distribution partner technologies. By broadening its ecosystem support, Kasten K10 provides more features and capabilities to a wider number of users, de-risking and enriching customer environments while enabling them to take advantage of the latest Kubernetes advancements. The latest release also makes it easier for customers to access and purchase Kasten K10 supported solutions through a wider range of partner organizations and their marketplaces.

For Kubernetes clusters running on VMware vSphere, Kasten K10 V4.5 extends the value of customer’s existing Veeam investments with support for shared Veeam Backup & Replication storage repositories. This new innovation brings new backup target support for additional storage types, such as Cisco S3260 and HPE Apollo servers, ReFS- and XFS- formatted block storage, deduplication appliances, and SMB targets.

“With Veeam Backup & Replication data path integration added to Kasten K10 V4.5, Veeam customers have a pathway to extend their investments into their Kubernetes environments,” said Danny Allan, chief technology officer, Veeam. “Users will have better visibility and easier access to a common repository that includes containerized Kubernetes apps, access to Veeam’s portable backup file format for volume content that increases mobility, and more capabilities for enriching their Kubernetes deployments.”

 According to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, the use of Kubernetes in production continues to grow with a 300% increase since 2016. As Kubernetes adoption accelerates across industries, Kasten K10 V4.5 provides mission-critical data management and decreased friction that admins and developers can immediately deploy into production workflows.

“The complexity of the cloud has no end – the more we innovate, the more expansive environments become. This impacts businesses across DevOps, ITOps and security teams that rely on Kubernetes as a common platform for the operation of these ever-expanding IT systems,” said Geoff Burke, Senior Backup Engineer, ThinkOn, Inc., a Kasten by Veeam partner. “To optimize cloud investments, businesses cannot be restricted by complexity and vendor lock-in. Kasten K10’s extensibility enables organizations to integrate the best capabilities the Kubernetes ecosystem can offer with the confidence that all data and applications are protected, resilient and scalable.” 

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