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Kaspersky Lab Scanners are Available OS X Malware

In 2014, Kaspersky Lab products blocked over 3.6 million attempts to infect computers running on OS X.

Kaspersky Lab presents its new free-of-charge solution for computers running on OS X – Kaspersky Virus Scanner for Mac. The free scanner quickly and effectively checks devices for malware. The paid-for version of the solution, Pro, can also remove different threats that it finds on the device. Both solutions are designed for users of Apple computers who want to protect their private lives and the data stored on their devices.

In 2014, Kaspersky Lab products blocked over 3.6 million attempts to infect computers running on OS X. Over the course of the year, the company’s experts found 1,499 new malicious programs for this platform. Of course, this figure is significantly lower that the volume of dangerous software designed in the same period for Windows or Android-based devices. However, our recent consumer risksurvey found that only half of OS X-based computers are protected – so right now millions of users worldwide are in danger.

With Kaspersky Virus Scanner for Mac, users can scan their computers for potential threats even if another security solution is already installed on the device. The applications look for traces of malicious programs on the computer (the options available are Full scan, Quick scan or Custom scan), provide users with detailed information on the results and offer an appropriate solution to problems identified.

In addition, Kaspersky Virus Scanner Pro for Mac can remove various dangerous applications. This version of the scanner can also automatically check every new file downloaded by a user to establish whether it is free of malicious code.
The antivirus databases of both versions of the application are regularly updated to provide protection against even the newest cybercriminal developments. Moreover, both products “catch” malware not only for OS X but for Windows and Android OS as well. Although programs targeting other operating systems are not usually dangerous to Mac systems, they can lurk on the computer until they get a chance to infect a compatible device, for example when files are copied to removable media.
“Even if you don’t think you and your data need protection on your Mac, what about your friends and colleagues who might be affected by malware that reaches your machine? For example, they could lose money after clicking on a malicious link sent from your account by malware, or lose valuable files after picking up a Trojan from you via a USB drive or cable. That is why it is important to regularly scan all devices for cyberthreats – whether they run OS X, Windows or Android”, said Vladimir Zapolyansky, Vice-President, Product and Technology Marketing, Kaspersky Lab.

The scanners are already available for download in App Store in nine languages. You can learn more about Kaspersky Lab’s free solutions here.

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