Juniper India Partner Summit 2015 Showcases Profitability for Partners

Juniper Networks hosted the Juniper India Partner Summit 2015 in Jaipur, India.

This exclusive event showcased how Juniper’s accelerating market innovation, helps drive growth and profitability for partners and ensures a win-win relationship for both sides. The event got together renowned speakers from industry, covering more than 30 topics across 5 key areas. Besides nominees from Juniper Networks, representatives from partner organizations and providers of cloud-based marketing platforms took part in the event.

Apart from the knowledge sharing that happened, the conference also facilitated a lot of cross-platform and enterprise dialogue, and also built closer relationships between the attendees. The event also allowed extensive insight that allowed partners to see with greater clarity the larger picture comprising of industry specific innovations and dialogue. It enabled different players to come together, discuss, debate and re-envision a larger dynamic and integrated network. This process was actualized through the various sessions on a wide array of topics that were part of the conference.

The keynote session by Ashish Dhawan (Managing Director – India and South Asia, Juniper Networks) set the tone for the event on the opening day by tracing the emergence of the platform oriented business model and its influences and implications on the technology industry at large. His core argument centered on the empowering nature of the platform with its ability to connect, provide services and not just limit itself to a tangible product. He went on to highlight how platforms are drawing value from network effects, i.e., the platform becomes more valuable when more people use it. Most importantly, they are beating products each and every time. Ashish alluded to platforms of the future like City as a Platform, Smart Grid as a Platform, Education as a Platform and Healthcare as a Platform. He stressed on the shift brought about by the platform model.

Another key session headed by Ross Inglis, (Services Marketing Lead, Asia Pacific, Juniper Networks) addressed the practice of leading business’ through a services-centered model. This becomes a key element that embodies the relationship between the Juniper Networks and its partners. Inglis went on to highlight the manner in which the global services teams function and ensure that the customers receive more than just support. Inglis also shed light on the new projects initiated such as the Partner Professional Services and the Partner Advantage Services which has enabled Juniper to scale its operations.

The Juniper Partner Conference also showcased the Partners’ achievement awards that celebrated partners that have enabled substantial growth and development in various domains and regions. The fourteen awards identified outstanding enterprise partners in various regions, new emerging partners, India partners etc. The award ceremony was conducted on the last day of the India Partner Summit.

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