JK Tech introduces Hybrid Work Policy for employees


JK Tech, a global Digital Transformation services company, introduced a Hybrid Work Policy for all its employees across India, the USA, and the UK. Aimed to improve quality of work and social life, the policy is a step to ensure a flexible working environment in the company post-pandemic. A recent Gartner survey shows that 83% of all employees want to work in either a remote or hybrid arrangement, and only 17% of employees prefer to go back on-site full time. Keeping that in mind, all employees at JK Tech will be considered for hybrid work scheduling on a case-by-case in situations where creative work schedules have been shown to accomplish both work and personal goals, to provide coverage for an individual department, operations and to serve JK Tech with increased productivity without any impact on quality output. The policy may be reviewed again for improvisations and improvements, as per social situations. 

The unique and smart Hybrid Work policy brings in features like ‘Flexitime’ which can be availed by JK Tech employees. Also, the policy includes ‘Compressed Workweeks’ under which the employees can work nine hours from Monday to Thursday and four hours on Friday. The policy is formulated to improve the collaboration amongst employees. 

Shyam Verma, Global HR Head, JK Tech said, “At JK Tech, we are proactive towards maintaining a balance between the current scenario and work-life. With the Hybrid Work Policy in place, employees at JK Tech will be provided with adequate liberty to take care of themselves, their mental health, and their families. This will create a positive impact and ensure a collaborative work community, hence improving productivity with quality results.” 

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