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iValue’s Center of Excellence supports enterprises in their digital transformation journey


The modern business environment thrives in using next-generation technologies, which is beneficial for their operations but is also increasingly complex

To start with one must chalk out the short- and long-term technology investment to see how it can help companies achieve their business goals efficiently with the help of the latest technology tools

Mitish Chitnavis, CTO, iValue InfoSolutions

As digital transformation accelerates globally, companies across various sectors are rethinking traditional ways of managing their operations and adapting to new technologies that can help them drive business value. Rapid adoption of enterprise cross-business unit functional efficiency is essential for innovation and to help them differentiate themselves from growing competition.  

Aware of these dynamic changes, iValue Infosolutions, too, pivoted its operations, shifting from a distributor to a private equity-backed premium technology solutions and services aggregator. Mindful of the fact that there is a burning need to reduce costs and improve productivity through greater visibility and automation, it recently launched the iValue Centre of Excellence (iVCoE).  

Mitish Chitnavis of iValue Infosolutions tells Enterprise IT World how the iVCoE helps enterprise customers, partners and OEMs to try out multi-brand offerings that address every need around application resilience and make risk-free technology investment decisions in double quick time.  

What challenges do enterprises encounter while keeping pace with changing security issues? 

The modern business environment thrives in using next-generation technologies, which is beneficial for their operations but is also increasingly complex. Enterprises require numerous technology products from multiple IT vendors, and they rely on their channel partners to aggregate multivendor solutions to meet their ever-changing requirements.   

The onus is now on technology solutions and services aggregators like iValue Infosolutions to create and deliver value while catering to customers’ needs in this ever-changing IT ecosystem. Equipped with the right insights, they customize and deliver the required experience and ensure that their channel partners, their end customers, stay ahead of the curve in today’s fiercely competitive market. This service benefits end-customers in numerous ways, including faster time to market, reduced cost and further closing the skill gaps. 

Why do companies need vendor-agnostic solutions? 

Businesses face challenges with OEM centers of excellence (CoEs) as they only feature OEM-specific offerings, while the former’s needs encompass multiple brands and solutions. Hence, enterprises are increasingly seeking vendor-agnostic solutions. This neutrality allows them the liberty to derive the best services available instead of being pigeonholed with cost-prohibitive options from a single vendor. 

iVCoE, for instance, helps bridge this gap with empowered solution stacks that work seamlessly and in an integrated manner. Organizations can now limitlessly explore, evaluate, and finalize solutions from multiple complimentary offerings across different brands.  

Why did iValue Infosolutions decide to launch iVCoE? 

In today’s dynamic and unpredictable economy, the life span of even matured Fortune 100 firms is cut down dramatically with technological disruption. Every organization is compelled to be agile, anticipate better and stay flexible to drive profitable growth through application resilience.  

With iVCoE, an industry-first initiative, enterprise customers, partners and OEMs can try out multi-brand offerings to address every need around application resilience and make risk-free technology investment decisions in double quick time. It can help enterprises fast-track application resilience, from code to cloud, with zero risk, which will help them attain their business goals.   

What are some key factors to be considered while designing a successful CoE? 

To start with one must chalk out the short- and long-term technology investment to see how it can help companies achieve their business goals efficiently with the help of the latest technology tools. This must be paired with a financial runway to help them execute these tech-first strategies.  

The next is to hire a team to help the company execute their tech vision effectively. These professionals can identify, explore and verify new tools and frameworks pertaining to a particular technology that can benefit the business. The company should, however, regularly upskill its technology and sales teams through continuous education to help it implement its business plan. 

The company can create knowledge repositories to make data-driven decisions while implementing new technology so that it can focus on capability improvement. A management team should be put in place to monitor the overall performance, with well-articulated KPIs in place, to deal with any foreseeable future.  

  1. Will iVCoE also help enterprises bridge their skilling gaps? 

Yes, of course. Our company runs an in-house program, iAcademy, to continuously nurture and develop talent across sales, pre-sales, and service delivery. 

How will iValue’s COE benefit various stakeholders? 

iValue Infosolutions’ state-of-the-art iVCoE is designed to empower and expedite application resiliency by providing channel partners and enterprise customers with access to test the best-of-breed solution stacks.  

These stacks can be leveraged across OEMs, and from code to the cloud, encompassing Performance, Availability, Scalability, and Security requirements.  

Channel partners and customers can now test multi-brand products to fulfill their application resilience requirements at the iVCoE and make risk-free technology investment decisions in record time.  

What is iValue’s mission and vision? 

Right from the time iValue started its journey in 2008, it had clearly outlined its mission. This was to optimize, protect and transform the digital assets of organizations with leading-edge and proven offerings in collaboration with its trusted partners.  
Over the past decade and a half, we believe we could adhere to this successfully. Today, we have leveraged the technology experience from over 6000 customer engagements to differentiate ourselves as a value aggregator and technology enabler. Moreover, we have established operations across the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and the Americas, which has helped us reach a global scale.  

Our core values guide us in adhering to the company’s mission and vision. We believe that the digital transformation journey can be attained through passion, empowerment, continual learning, respect, collaboration, integrity and agility.  
iValue’s vision is to be the most valued technology distribution partner in the digital transformation space by 2023. We endeavour to achieve this by staying firm on the profitability path across all the geographies we are present in and remaining the preferred employer for the best human talent.  

How will the iVCoE help iValue in its next growth phase? 

As a premium technology solutions and services aggregator, we have always focused on adopting cutting-edge technology solutions and services across Application Lifecycle Management and its infrastructure across various verticals. 

The iVCoE is a tremendous asset for our organization, and iValue looks forward to maximizing its benefits to attain the organisation’s fullest potential. Our company will be at the forefront of offering tailored solutions focused on application resilience. It will accentuate iValue’s expertise in managing and streamlining all the technology-related complexities to solve business challenges and cater to customer needs.  

What is iValue’s road map for 2023? 

We will prioritize assisting our enterprise customers in achieving their digital transformation goals, which include providing end-to-end solutions for cloud computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things (IoT). We will focus on helping businesses leverage these technologies to enhance their operational efficiency, improve customer experiences, and drive innovation. 
Moreover, given our global footprint and well-entrenched associations with leading enterprises and SMB clientele, we will expand our service portfolio to cater to evolving customer demands. This may involve forging strategic partnerships or acquiring niche technology firms to enhance our capabilities in emerging areas such as blockchain, robotic process automation (RPA), edge computing, and augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR). By offering comprehensive solutions, we aim to become a one-stop shop for our customers’ technology needs. 

We will also deepen our expertise in specific industries by developing tailored solutions that address their unique challenges and requirements. Industries such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail, and logistics are undergoing rapid digital transformation, and we will invest in domain knowledge and partnerships to deliver industry-specific solutions effectively. 

Given the increasing number and complexity of cyber threats, we will strengthen our cybersecurity offerings. This includes proactive threat intelligence, vulnerability assessments, incident response services, and employee awareness programs. iValue will also continue to stay up to date with the latest security trends and regulations to provide our customers with robust protection against emerging threats. 
We persist in placing a strong emphasis on delivering exceptional customer experiences. This involves streamlining our processes, providing personalized support, and implementing customer feedback mechanisms. By building strong relationships with our customers and focusing on their success, we aim to foster long-term partnerships and become their trusted technology advisor. 

 Most importantly, to sustain our growth and meet the evolving demands of the industry, we will invest in talent development initiatives. This includes training programs, certifications, and continuous learning opportunities for our employees. We will also prioritize employee well-being and create a conducive work environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and innovation. 

Lastly, we will explore opportunities for geographic expansion, both within India and in international markets. This may involve establishing new offices or partnerships to cater to customers in different regions. By expanding our footprint strategically, we aim to tap into new markets, diversify our customer base, and enhance our global presence. 

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