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India’s Largest Passenger Airline, Interglobe Boosts Efficiency and Meets Compliance with Globalscape EFT Enterprise


India’s largest passenger airline, Interglobe Aviation, Ltd., with more than 5,000 employees, strives to work by their mission statement, which highlights their low fares, on-time rate, and pride in delivering a courteous and hassle-free experience.


The airline previously exchanged about 30 GB of file data each week using an open-source FTP solution. They found that this solution was unsecure and was also not dependable for carrying out the airline’s many critical business processes. As the airline needed to uphold industry compliance requirements around how it managed the data that came into and out of its organization, they needed a more secure and reliable solution.

They also sought a solution with operational efficiency in mind and found it in Globalscape’s Enhanced File Transfer (EFT™) Enterprise, which delivered the quick and intuitive setup, advanced automation capabilities, and real-time visibility into their data transfers required for their sophisticated operations.


“We chose Globalscape EFT over other file transfer options for its exhaustive functionality, ease of implementation and maintenance, and of course the affordable cost of the solution,” said Biswajit Dey, Associate Director, Digital, for Interglobe. He noted other factors that influenced their decision, and the reason for continuing to use Globalscape’s EFT Enterprise solution successfully over the past five years, including:

  • Enterprise features including the addition of SFTP, FTPS, and HTTPS servers, Enterprise Actions, File Transfer Client, Cloud Connector Actions, Folder Monitor and the Timer Event Module.
  • Extensive automation capabilities
  • Graphical workflow construction interface
  • Real-time transaction monitoring

Dey noted that the Globalscape EFT solution allows the organization to build a service model that is both flexible and secure, ensuring that they could meet all regulatory and compliance requirements around safeguarding data coming into and out of the airline organization.


“EFT with AWE (Advanced Workflow Engine) is the best. It’s easy to read, understand, and implement with a lot of knowledge base documents provided. There are also different tiers of supports available,” added Dey.

Interglobe took advantage of the software’s Professional Services through Systech for on-site managed resources to execute the deployment. In addition, this technical partner, which has broad and deep experience with the solution as well as familiarity with the airline’s business operations, helped Interglobe by delivering quick improvements and optimizing support for the company’s global application portfolio.

Dey also found Globalscape EFT easy to deploy. “The architecture is so simple to understand that it makes administration convenient. And it’s flexible enough that it can integrate with many of the third-party tools and applications that we use to comply with many of the parameters of corporate compliance. In one word, it’s the ‘BEST’ product,” he stated.

Dey added, “Globalscape EFT makes file sharing easy. You can log into the web client or send large files easily using the provided links. My favorite thing about Globalscape EFT is the options available for delivery.” Systech successfully delivered Globalscape EFT modules such as DMZ Multi-site Gateway, Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE), Audit & Reporting Module (ARM), Advanced Authentication Modes Module (AAMM), and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM).

A surprising benefit Dey pointed out is the ability to meet the airlines goals in terms of streamlining their business processes with the scripting capability within AWE as well as the ease of task automation built into the tool.

Globalscape EFT is currently used in their IT Security, as well as in their Business Operations units. And Interglobe plans to offer the solution to all business teams across the organization so they too can benefit from its ability to save time and improve inter- departmental SLAs. Most of the airline’s vendors that exchange files with the airline will soon be on-boarded on EFT, if they have not done so already.

“EFT has the power to make a lot of different tools go away. There’s no longer the need for custom-made scripts, several FTP servers, or even FTP clients such as FileZilla or WinSCP. EFT does it all,” added Dey. “It’s a solution that makes difficult processes easy by being easy to install, configure, and of course, use.”


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