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In 2022 Next-Gen Technologies – IOT, CLOUD, AI, ML Will Drive Digital Transformation


What is TTBS overall service portfolio and key product offerings?

Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS), as India’s leading B2B brand of digital connectivity and collaboration solutions, enables digital transformation for businesses. We provide businesses with smart solutions to develop better digital capabilities, build resilience and operational efficiencies across their value chain that makes them future ready. Essentially, TTBS has an extensive, high quality and robust wireline network and offers largest portfolio of solutions and services involving Cloud & SaaS, Collaboration, Connectivity, IoT, Marketing & Cyber Security. The company has expertise in both the digital and the connectivity space and this enables us to take end-to-end ownership of the entire solution, be it devices, applications, or connectivity. These solutions are an amalgamation of unique features that appropriately address the security aspects arising out of a distributed and remote working environment and enable businesses to collaborate effectively while serving their customers with utmost efficiency.

What is your prime strategy to enable enterprises go digital?

The switch to hybrid and remote working has catalysed the digital enablement of business environments. Digital dexterity became critical to building a resilient and agile workforce that can cope with any future disruption and support rapid change.

TTBS is one of the prime players in the enterprise segment guided by the principles of customer centricity, obsession for innovation and commitment to operational excellence with an unwavering focus on future technology. We have grown to be a one-stop digital platform for digital transformation for businesses with our most comprehensive suite of enterprise grade solutions that are flexible, easy to deploy, and are available in an asset/capex light model say in a plug n play mode. Going Digital is not as simple as it may seem and for many of our customers, it’s a complex journey which we are an integral part of. We have a progressive approach of partnering with businesses to chart their digital growth strategy as a technology enabler/subject matter expert.

We have a large fibre network of around 1,25,000 route kms that runs through the length and breadth of the country. We have connected perhaps the highest number of business clusters, over 1 lakh buildings which house the businesses we serve, and this number is increasing daily. We have a large field team, about 2000 channel partners- perhaps the largest in the industry and 1500 enterprise personnel who interact with the customers directly, make them aware of our services and generate demand that then translates into an order that is fulfilled and serviced efficiently. We are continually building digital capability across the value chain, from demand generation to service assurance and operations to make customer journeys faster, simpler and closer.  

TTBS has launched slew of new solutions recently, please elaborate thought behind these?

The pandemic has accelerated digital adoption across industry sectors. While companies have realised the significance of digital solutions for survival and growth, the onus lies with digital tech companies like us to develop relevant solutions to support businesses in their transformation journey. At TTBS, we are enabling our customers to harness the power of digital technologies and build a more connected and secure future.  For many businesses especially small and medium businesses (SMBs), lack of knowledge and resources remains a crucial problem when it comes to taking care of IT and security woes. Our overall market strategy has been to accelerate the adoption of digital At TTBS, we are enabling our customers to harness the power of digital technologies and build a more connected and secure future.  For many businesses especially small and medium businesses (SMBs), lack of knowledge and resources remains a crucial problem when it comes to taking care of IT and security woes. Our overall market strategy has been to accelerate the adoption of digital solutions by businesses aspiring to Do Big. We are committed to democratize technology so that any business irrespective of its size can become digitally agile with our smart and affordable solutions backed by our highly acclaimed 24*7 managed services and support.

TTBS has strengthened its portfolio of enterprise grade solutions such as:

  1. Smartflo: an advanced cloud communication suite that enhances customer experience by streamlining call flows and tracking performance with detailed reports and advanced analytics.
  2. SD-WAN iFLX : an advanced networking solution with intelligent and flexible networking capabilities helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation.
  3. Smart Internet : Industry’s first smart internet leased- single suite combining high speed internet with cloud-based security and greater control at an optimized cost.  We bundled the best of internet and security features with convenience of manageability.
  4. SmartOffice®  : It is literally an office in a box, which integrates voice, data, storage and applications in one device and saves a customer the time, effort and complexity of working with multiple service providers in setting up an office. It is as appealing to a start-up as it is to an established organization wishing to open a branch office.
  5. Ultra-Lola 3.0  This is a technologically superior point-to point offering, with latency in microseconds, which enables brokerage/BFSI companies that must stay securely linked to process market data in real-time.
  6. EZ Cloud Connect, an easy, fast, reliable, cost effective and secured Point to Point (P2P) cloud connectivity gateway. EZ Cloud Connect enables Enterprises to bypass the internet and deliver data to and from the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) by establishing a dedicated private network connection.

Industry 4.0 has already started influencing sectors like manufacturing, supply- chain, construction etc. How is TTBS geared up to help businesses?

Industry 4.0 is gaining tremendous popularity due to rapid improvements made in the digital capabilities in the last few decades. The gap between the virtual and real world has been bridged by advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and others so as to create an interoperable platform between cyber ecosystem and actual physical operations.

Smart factory is the core fundamental of modern manufacturing. Being equipped with interconnected smart assets and systems, its primary function lies in running efficient, secure, and reliable production processes with continuous optimization and flexible adaption to changing conditions in real time. Connectivity, real-time configuration, and automation are the essence of a smart factory. At TTBS, we are helping manufacturing and supply chain firms to gain high-scale automation, easy monitoring, operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness with our smart collaboration and connectivity solutions like Smart Internet, Smartflo – advanced cloud communication suite, cyber security solutions, SD-WAN iFlx etc.

How is Smartflo helping enterprises in their cloud communication? Share some insights

Smartflo is an award- winning, futuristic cloud communication suite that offers sophisticated convergence of digital connectivity, business intelligence and productivity. It enables businesses to strengthen engagement with customers through seamless communication – anytime, anywhere. The setup is quick with no capex investment and comes with an uptime guarantee of 99.5% backed by TTBS  24X7 managed service capabilities and trust, ensuring uninterrupted business continuity.  Smartflo solution is being adopted by thousands of businesses across industry verticals like BFSI, IT/ITES, Manufacturing, Education, Fintech, Logistics, E-commerce and even conventional businesses and helping them boost their customers’ experience.  Just to give an insight, we have partnered with Mehsana Dudhsagar dairy , where the Smartflo solution is helping the farmers get access to the network of veterinary doctors to seek their advice for their livestock health. Similarly, one of the leading education coaching company, Vidyamandir classes is using Smartflo to enhance their contact center reach out to their students.  

How TTBS is addressing the growing demand of integrated cybersecurity solutions across multiple industries?

Cyber-attacks like phishing, ransomware etc have become more far more pervasive and sophisticated especially during the pandemic and these have a profound impact on a company’s financials, reputation and sustainability. The large number of endpoints and rising cyber- attacks have made it imperative for enterprises to reassess their digital preparedness and improve the security of their remote users and devices along with the critical data associated with them.

Enterprises are transitioning from beyond basic cyber hygiene to keep the sensitive information safe. TTBS enlists tailored cybersecurity solutions for various industries, explaining how each aligns with different business requirements. We have also strengthened our Cybersecurity portfolio to provide a world-class Cloud Content Security Platform (CCSP) to offer email security, web security, next-generation firewall, endpoint security and multi-factor authentication (MFA) Security Services. Our enterprise customers can now have an easy access to a comprehensive smart perimeter security proposition that is robust, scalable and can be rapidly deployed at an affordable cost due to multi-tenanted architecture.

How do you see the unified communication space shaping up? How is TTBS partnership with Zoom unfolding?

Business communications went into full-digital mode, owing to the pandemic. The situation necessitated innovation in communication and collaboration which led to solutions that are robust, secure, and reliable to serve as a proxy for real-life interactions. The fundamental idea behind TTBS partnership with Zoom is to offer an intuitive, scalable, and secure unified communications solutions to enterprises and individuals alike.  This partnership will enable businesses to have access to comprehensive conference services such as Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinars and Zoom Rooms on our state-of the-art, high-capacity digital connectivity network. Businesses can use our bespoke Zoom customization that integrates with their existing solutions, helps keep tabs on all client-facing conversations and bolsters security. The platform provides a host of unique features like Live Video, streaming of Video Webinars for up to 50,000 viewers, include one click access, video, voice, content sharing, recording, virtual backgrounds, company branding, multi-layer security, and meeting participation of up to 1000 people on video from locations across the globe, making communication more interactive and engaging.

How is TTBS Smart Internet going to help Enterprises?

Businesses need robust, seamless, and secure connectivity to communicate and transact over the internet. Having basic connectivity is no longer an option as vanilla ILL services do not extend beyond connectivity, which leaves the business owner to contend with problems such as usage visibility, usage control, security, application maintenance, among others. Smart Internet has been developed with an endeavor to minimize cyber-attacks encountered by businesses especially SMBs and provide them with seamless connectivity entrusted with advanced security at an affordable price. With Smart Internet, businesses can now easily access bandwidth-heavy applications on our highly- secured and high-performance network with real time usage control and manageability to enhance their productivity.

 How are you supporting your channel network? Do you plan to expand your business footprints?

We have the largest channel network which is available at hand to meet the requirements of our customers in over 60 cities across the country. We have the right mix of partners who addresses various industrial segments. We have pure telecom partners, system integrators, data security experts, software selling partners and even non-ICT partners who have better reach across industry segments. We continue to enhance our channel network in every part of the addressable market. We are continually empowering and upskilling our partners under our ‘Certified Solution Partner’ program to enhance their capability as an ICT solution provider.

What are TTBS initiatives to drive innovation post pandemic? 

Indian enterprises have realized the need of Industry 4.0 tools in order to compete in the global environment. Enterprises are now rapidly adopting next gen technologies to automate their business processes, build resilience and acclimatise for any future disruption. For the last two decades, our deep customer engagements have helped us to develop solutions that would enable enterprises to compete and win in their respective business segments. This is reflected in our product innovations that have been widely recognized in the industry. At TTBS, we strongly believe that customization leads to the innovation at a deeper level and provides higher value.

Just to cite, we have introduced Customer Experience Platform (CEP)’ industry’s first highly engaging, innovative and integrated platform to bring the product experience closer to the customers, based on their availability and comfort anytime anywhere. Customer Experience Portal lets customers understand and experience how our products and solutions can enable them to build digital capabilities. It serves as a one-stop digital guide for customers to better experience TTBS products and make speedy and informed decisions. 

At TTBS, we will continue to play the role of technology enabler to SMBs and will further strengthen our portfolio of services especially in the areas of SaaS, IaaS, IOT and Cloud.

we will continue to invest in rolling out a high capacity, high resilience fibre network and deploying the latest IT tools and bespoke business applications for our enterprise customers enabling them to grow and do big.

Technology Trends BOX as follow below:  

Technology Trends to watch in 2022

  • Continued acceleration of digital transformation
    • For any business to grow in future, technology and sustainability will be at the core of their functioning. Over the last year, most of the enterprises, either big or small have moved ahead on their digital transformation curve and accepted digital platforms as a viable way of doing businesses.
  • Continued Pivot towards Anytime, Anywhere Economy with Cloud
    • Cloud will continue to be the backbone for all the transformational technologies. Cloud platforms can help deploy new digital customer experiences in days rather than months and can support analytics that would be simply impossible with traditional technology platforms
    • Modern businesses aiming to be digital-first organizations, require cloud solutions that help in Enterprise applications such as CRM, analytics, retail, voice and data etc. Enterprise-wide cloud migration strategy will be at the forefront for many enterprises to drive efficiency across processes, cost benefits and aligned with their future growth blue- prints.

  • Zero Trust will start play a larger role in Cybersecurity
    •  There will be a shift from traditional cybersecurity practices that focus on a “castle and moat” model, where security protocols concentrate on keeping threats out to adoption of zero-trust security model which restricts network access to only those individuals who need it. This model assumes risk can come from anywhere and limits possibility of unauthorised movement across networks.
    • Businesses will continue to invest in making their processes secure through comprehensive security portfolio comprising of email security, endpoint security, web security, virtual firewall, and multifactor authentication.
  • Hyper automation with AI, ML and IoT will enhance business-driven approach to rapidly identify, vet and automate as many business and IT processes as possible. It will enable scalability, remote operation, and business model disruption.

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