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IL&FS Tech bags INR 200Cr Surveillance and Incident Response Project

IL&FS Technologies has been recently awarded the rate contract for Surveillance Project of 200 crore from a large state government. ITL will conduct survey, design and establish the live feed from the various field devices installed in the cities across the state and integrate with the environment in the CCC (Command Control Center) to enable the various State Agencies to carry out the coordinated response plans effectively.

Under this Project, ITL will help the State Government to provide safety, security and timely assistance to the residents during emergency and otherwise. This project would integrate surveillance systems of different stakeholders with the objective of enhancing safety and security in the cities. The City Control Center would act as a hub for the analysis and dissemination of information collected from various sources including government agencies, private organizations and individual citizens as well as specialized equipment such as sensors for the vehicles involved in over speeding , red light violations, count with the classification of  vehicles plying at the various times of the day for the road infrastructure planning, emergency call box, Mobile surveillance system in PCR vans integrated with the Dial100 application and CCTV cameras in all sensitive locations.

Commenting on the project, Durga Prasad, CEO, IL&FS Technologies Limited said, “We are privileged to be a partner with the State Government to be part of their ongoing smart city initiatives with the objective to enhance the safety and security of the residents. With closely integrated solutions, various state agencies will be able to use the system to effectively monitor, analyze, plan and implement highest level of safety measures for the citizens”

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