IceWarp Offers Economical Workspace Solutions with Hassle-free, Seamless, Magical Data Migration with Zero Downtime


Whether you are planning to shift your business operations from a disinterested corporate solution, or over to a better or affordable solution, there are bound to be a lot of hurdles. The effects of data migration can hit your business unknowingly owing to either a possibility of incompatibility between the old and new platforms or simply a longer downtime. You can only resume operations once all your data is safely, securely, and correctly migrated, tested, and ready online. IceWarp, a global leader for developing business email communication and collaboration solutions offers a secured and seamless migration of data transfer to its new platform.

Businesses can now migrate their operations to IceWarp without any hassle. Migrating your data over from Exchange, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, ZOHO, or any other online workspace solution to IceWarp is as easy as a flick of a switch. IceWarp’s highly collaborative online office solution makes it even easier to switch between platforms with zero loss, zero downtime, and zero impact on your business. It’s as easy as Choose your Plan —> Handover the old workspace credentials —> Migrate. And best of all, you won’t even know when your data has already been migrated, seamlessly, safely, and securely.

All along the way, the automated process will get the job done without a glitch. However, IceWarp’s detail-oriented engineers will be constantly monitoring the situation and ready to jump in to fix any deviations. This is a guarantee that every piece of your data has been successfully migrated to its new home at IceWarp.

Mr. Prasad Vadke, Head – Infrastructure & Support IceWarp India says, “Data migration from one platform to another is a painful event for everyone. Not only is the IT team in distress, but the entire business takes a hit during the migration. Data loss, data duplication, data corruption, and worst of all,

the long downtime during the transfer and the testing thereafter, can all be very agonizing. At IceWarp, we take up these responsibilities in our own hands to ensure that your data is safely migrated, seamlessly transferred across, and securely in place on our platform, and with the promise of zero downtime.”

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