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IceWarp Addresses the Most Common Email Collaboration Challenges of IT/ITeS Workforce

Pramod Sharda, CEO, IceWarp India and Middle East

IceWarp a true alternative to MS365 and Google Workspace, enables reduction of TCO by 70%

 IceWarp, highlights some of the key challenges faced by its IT/ITeS clients and presents affordable, seamlessly integrated and top-of-the-line solutions to a majority of IT/ITeS companies in India. IceWarp, being a leading business email and collaboration solution provider is effectively accelerating the industry with its collaborative tools and catering best-in-class connected experiences to improve productivity and to strengthen the culture of collaboration. 

By addressing the vertical-specific challenges, IceWarp has taken a lead in supporting top BPOs & KPOs in the industry through its customized solutions while reducing TCO (Total cost of ownership) by almost 70%. The preferred ecosystem of hybrid deployment, has allowed non-power, comprising almost 85%-90% of the workforce, to be upgraded to better, more detailed solutions. 

“To maintain a steady growth of business and ensure that the company data is protected, it is imperative for IT and ITeS brand of the country to deploy embedded technologies that not only address the commonly faced challenges but also have the bandwidth to customize the solution for every organization’s unique needs.” says Pramod Sharda, CEO, IceWarp India & Middle East. “As IceWarp thrives to deliver the best service to our clientele, we have been able to facilitate the process of adopting cutting-edge technologies that have enabled our clients to manage the high attrition rates and onboard new employees without dispensing extra resources to manage. For any organization, choosing the right solutions which are compatible with their ecosystem and can be seamlessly integrated while keeping the data secure and having the option of customizing the product for the company will make the adoption of the advanced technologies easier.” he added. 

According to IceWarp, some common challenges faced by the IT and ITeS sector are:

  • Large workforce scattered over various countries
  • Huge difference in Power and Non-Power users’ ratio
  • Dynamic nature of business resources due to high attrition and hiring rate
  • Company servicing various customers in the world
  • Open-source solutions not reliant enough
  • Non-compliant software with a lack of key features to interact and collaborate easily
  • Affordable solutions are not available on both on-prem and on-cloud or allowing seamless integration

To cater to the above challenges, IceWarp’s reliable, secure and advanced Email and Collaboration solutions are helping ‘IT and ITeS’ Industry at large in the following perspective:

Cost-effectiveness: IceWarp’s family of applications becomes a highly sought after and lucrative option, especially with its transparent and reasonable, only pay for what you use model. In the current scenario, IceWarp empowers its users with a choice to customize their plans based on their requirements which makes it an ideal alternative for enterprises of any size looking to minimize costs yet avail the best Email and Collaboration solutions for its workforce across levels.

Service Level Agreement: IceWarp believes in strengthening its bond with its customers and provides Service Level Agreements that help the enterprise in multiple ways, including the prevention of huge losses incurred due to unexpected downtime. SLAs also ensure reliable communication, quick response time, increased uptime, and low maintenance cost for the clients. The formal agreement guarantees best possible service adoption by the provider and delivers the desired assistance to its clients. 

Compliant and Secure: Additionally, for both on-premises and cloud deployments, IceWarp puts data protection first. Each Enterprise customer has their own private cloud space ensuring complete privacy and security. IceWarp’s solution is GDPR + HIPAA compliant with no algorithm training on your data and no global learning algorithms. 

Hybrid Deployment: The company’s solution works as simple as it sounds but in a much more effective way. Hybrid deployment combines IceWarp with any existing Email solution running parallelly on one single domain. Both connected solutions communicate and function together looking like one. 

Security, trustworthiness, and ease-of-use is an utmost priority for IceWarp, Hence, they have onboarded many leading brands as IceWarp ensures the deployment of seamless and secure communication solutions that are significantly cost-effective for the leading IT companies. Along with that, they have also understood the Email and Collaboration requirements and analysed the user-pattern for each level and department, enabling them to provide hybrid and highly customized solutions that exist effortlessly in the company’s IT ecosystem. 

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