IBM Unveils Elite Hybrid Cloud Build Team Dedicated to Partner Ecosystem

IBM unveiled its highly-specialized Hybrid Cloud Build Team to support the migration and modernization of ecosystem partner products, services, and other offerings across open hybrid cloud environments. Following the successful model of the IBM Data Science and AI Elite Team and the recent introduction of the IBM AIOps Elite Team, both focused on artificial intelligence, the Hybrid Cloud Build Team concentrates on helping partners update their workloads for deployment on premises, in the cloud, or any environment of their choosing.

A recent IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) study that included responses from over 5,000 executives globally across industries found that the adoption of hybrid cloud – the combination of public clouds, private clouds, and on-premises IT – is expected to grow by 47% in the next three years and the average organization will be using six hybrid clouds. The report notes that the value derived from a full hybrid, multicloud platform technology and operating model is 2.5 times the value derived from a single platform, single cloud vendor approach. IBM’s Hybrid Cloud Build Team was created to help partners maximize the value of an open hybrid cloud.

The elite engagement team consists of over 100 cloud architects, data scientists, cloud developers, security specialists, and developer advocates who work on the agile co-creation of advanced technology solutions for partners and their clients. The team also advises partners how they can best accelerate the transition of their products, services and other offerings to open hybrid cloud environments, including those in some of the most highly-regulated and sensitive industries like financial services and telecommunications.

With deep expertise in Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, AWS and many more environments, the IBM Hybrid Cloud Build Team helps its ecosystem partners revamp workloads across all cloud platforms and providers while infusing new technologies like AI, 5G, Kubernetes, blockchain, and edge to optimize business operations and improve client outcomes. This process includes reviewing use of IBM hybrid cloud software, built on Red Hat Open Shiftand designed to run anywhere – on premises, at the edge, and on any cloud – to unlock the power of AI for business and maximize partner goals.

“In addition to recent changes that include new programs, additional funding, and a simplified ecosystem approach, IBM’s Hybrid Cloud Build Team demonstrates a commitment to and investment in our ecosystem partners like never before,”

Willie M. Tejada, IBM Chief Developer Advocate and GM ISV/Build Ecosystem.

“This elite group of hybrid cloud specialists helps partners overcome obstacles to modernize and migrate client cloud workloads while infusing AI across platforms and providers. Numerous partners have told us that the team’s work has proven advantageous to their clients and has been a catalyst in expanding IBM’s Hybrid Cloud Ecosystem.”

Co-creating with the ecosystem to improve client outcomes

Last month, IBM and LTI, a leading global technology consulting and digital solutions company, announced plans to expand their multi-year global alliance. As a part of this collaboration, LTI plans to introduce a new, innovative dimension to the underwriting process that infuses AI to help evaluate insurance applications. The novel platform would marry standard insurance industry data with Watson AI and data from the IBM-owned Weather Company to offer clients embedded visualization charts and statistical modeling to improve risk assessment and make more informed underwriting decisions.

In a few short months, using IBM Garage Methodology, the Hybrid Cloud Build Team co-created an LTI solution designed to help insurance agency clients leverage social media reviews of businesses to help identify potential risks associated with insuring those companies. The application includes rules-based classifications for the business location, local crime statistics, weather events and other underwriting criteria. As a result of this successful joint effort, LTI plans to make the solution available to clients in the second quarter 2021.

“Our goal is to continually improve services and products to help clients derive the potential of digital transformation and open hybrid cloud,” said Sudhir Chaturvedi, President-Sales and Executive Board Member, LTI. “IBM’s investment in the Hybrid Cloud Build Team, combined with LTI’s domain expertise and best-in-class automation and integration capabilities, will bring immense value to our joint customers.”

Part of IBM’s $1B investment in its ecosystem, the complimentary Hybrid Cloud Build Team helps bring the best ideas from partners to market through proven deep design engagement models like IBM Garage and IBM’s design thinking methodology. The team, which is expected to grow to more than 200 members in 2021, has already participated in over 75 engagements, helping guide partners through strategic, technical and operational considerations to migrate to and build on hybrid cloud environments. In addition to LTI, some of the partners the Build Team has worked with include CitiusTech, Cylera, Intellect Design Arena (case study), KPMG LLC (Canada), Liferay (case study), and PearlChain (case study).

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