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Huawei Wireless X Labs unveils whitepaper on top ten 5G Use Cases

 Aiming to Accelerate 5G Business Ecosystem Incubation

At the eighth Global Mobile Broadband Forum (Global MBBF) in London, Huawei Wireless X Labs released Top Ten 5G Use Cases white paper. By analyzing multiple dimensions like industry reliance on 5G, business value, and service maturity, the white paper identifies ten of the most promising 5G use cases, leading the future direction of the 5G industry.

The white paper focuses its analysis on industry reliance on 5G and industry value in the 5G era. According to the white paper, industries requires higher bandwidth and lower latency will be more reliant on 5G; and the larger the market space is, the more commercial value a service can deliver. For example, as the computing and storage resources of cloud VR/AR are located on the cloud, we need a network that can provide the 5ms latency and 9.5Gbps bandwidth to guarantee a high-quality experience. The white paper also predicts that by 2025, the market volume of cloud VR/AR will be US$292 billion. Carriers can benefit from this huge commercial value.

Through selection and sequencing, X Labs has identified ten of the most promising 5G use cases, including cloud VR/AR, connected automotive, smart manufacturing, connected energy, wireless eHealth, wireless home entertainment, connected drones, social networks, personal AI assistant, and Smart City. Ding noted that carriers can choose the 5G applications based on their own strategy to quickly build up the necessary capabilities.  X Labs will also update the use cases as research continues, and publicize the research results constantly.

Ding said, “Drawing on its deep insights into vertical industries and extensive partnerships, X Labs has brought together industry partners to build a new industry ecosystem. It has made remarkable progress in fields like drones, smart manufacturing, smart health, and connected cars. Looking ahead, X Labs will continue to explore new applications, to help the carriers gain success in the 5G era. “

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