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Huawei enables Russia’s Rostelecom to build high-quality networks

Rostelecom in Russia has collaborated with Huawei to achieve high-quality Wi-Fi network deployment in the Moscow region. As the largest fixed network operator in Russia, Rostelecom is committed to offering better network coverage and expanding B2B services. To this end, Rostelecom has planned to complete Wi-Fi construction for its central branch by 2018, covering both outdoor and indoor scenarios. For outdoor scenarios, the environment in Moscow is quite harsh with low temperatures prevalent for most of the year. In fact the Moscow region can have temperatures as low as -40°C but also encounter thunderstorms in summer. In indoor scenarios, Internet access experience for users is difficult to guarantee at peak hours in popular scenic spots and shopping malls because Moscow is one of the most densely populated cities in Europe.

Offering the All Scenario Wi-Fi Solution, Huawei has become the exclusive supplier to Rostelecom for its central branch. Huawei’s outdoor APs can operate at -40°C and are integrated with surge protection modules, saving installation space and reducing installation and maintenance difficulties. To adapt to various indoor scenarios, Huawei provides a range of solutions to meet different coverage demands. For example, the agile, distributed Wi-Fi solution is used in scenarios with densely located rooms, and APs with built-in directional antennas are used in high-density scenarios such as railway stations and exhibition halls.

Huawei’s All Scenario Wi-Fi Solution enables Rostelecom to implement indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi coverage for hotspot areas, including schools, shopping malls, stadiums, and commercial streets. As a wireless extension of wired networks, WLANs help Rostelecom improve the mobile access experience for subscribers and help bring B2B business value-added services to shopping malls and governments.

“Digital transformation is accelerating WLAN coverage in city hotspots. Huawei will partner with Rostelecom to deliver optimal network experience, contributing to B2B business success,” said Wang Shihong, Vice President of Huawei Switch and Enterprise Gateway Product Line.

Huawei’s CloudCampus Solution is serving global operators and will continue to keep pace with the development of campus networks, creating ever more value for operators.

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