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HP Inc. Advances Blended Learning in the Middle East with ‘Classroom of the Future’ Solution

HP unveiled ‘Classroom of the Future’ – an integrated solution for education providers, consisting of HP’s PC hardware and a suite of digital pedagogy enabling software. This will help drive access to quality education, using technology to create a more effective learning environment and enable better learning outcomes in the new era of blended learning accelerated by COVID-19.

The ‘Classroom of the Future’ solution offers smart, education-focused hardware coupled with cutting-edge software to support new teaching methodologies and empower all the key stakeholders in the classroom. These are bundled through HP’s specially designed Education Edition products, such as the HP ProBook x360 notebook, which is lightweight but rugged with long battery life and comes with collaboration and creation tools through Classera, advanced security and monitoring technology through TechPulse, as well as a classroom management software Classroom Manager.

With a sudden shift to remote learning, technology and digital tools are no longer just a component of learning but have become an essential enabler of it. For the last few years, blended learning strategies have been recognized for optimizing interaction among classroom stakeholders, promoting effective learning by combining the best features of physical and online education. With schools and universities opening in September by adopting a hybrid model with online and on-campus elements for the next academic year, technology to support blended learning has grown in importance.

Mayank Dhingra Senior Education Business Lead Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe, HP Inc., said, “Educators across the globe are under immense pressure to quickly pivot the way they teach, as they transition to online learning models. Not only do they need the right devices, they need expert guidance on all aspects of the move to digital learning – from IT consultancy, to digital learning courses, and more. While blended learning has been discussed for some time, the role technology plays in education has never been more pertinent than it is today.
“With the ‘Classroom of the Future’ solution, HP is not only reinventing the classroom but is also using technology to reshape learning environments, thus enabling better learning outcomes through such initiatives,” he added.

Mohammad Almadani, CEO of Classera, said, “Undoubtedly the world is navigating through unchartered territory. The education sector has been over proportionately impacted by the pandemic. Yet it provides an opportunity to rethink our educational system and accelerate a transition towards the ‘Classroom of the Future’. Partnering with HP on this education solution allows us to bring together world-class technology with our expert programs for the benefit of thousands of pupils and students in the Middle East region.”

The ‘Classroom of the Future’ solution ensures a virtuous pedagogy loop by empowering all the key stakeholders in the classroom with:

  • Student Centricity: Classera’s learning software is an essential tool that engages young students through interactive and digitized learning environment. All available content has been designed specifically to cater for students’ learning needs, tailored to their age groups.
  • Teacher Empowerment: HP’s ‘Classroom Manager’ allows teachers to create a digital learning environment for students, while tracking progress in real time, monitoring student activities and evaluating individual and group performances. The teacher can restrict website access by lesson, class, and date.
  • IT Governance: ‘TechPulse’ is a diagnostics tool that is used for predictive analytics for IT support, management, security, and planning. The software is designed to maximize device performance, ensure security compliance, and optimize device allocation.

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