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How We Can Have Secure Broadband Connection?

For everyone today, Internet access is essential. Hotels, schools, dorms, hospitals, airports, and private industries are areas where people are clustered and internet access is needed for almost all. Offering bandwidth to retail users in today’s situations has become a difficult challenge for internet providers as the time we spend at home has risen due to the pandemic.

Our interests are shifting dynamically as digital life gets more and more prominent in our activities. According to a survey undertaken by, which facilitates worldwide hotel bookings through its global network infrastructure, the accessibility of Wi-Fi service at the hotel is the highest demand of travelers who book accommodation on both work trips and vacations.

It is helpful to understand certain techniques to provide vast numbers of users at the same time with high capacity, high speed, and secure internet access. Also, even your daily usage. Knowing these critical points, you will have a system that runs seamlessly and efficiently as well as no problem will be observed if you are a business that offers free Wi-Fi connection. Below we mentioned certain methods to make a secure broadband connection.

Having too many access points is not a solution at all

Instead of increasing efficiency, adding too many access points (AP) can cause performance decline. This implies that you waste more money and do not achieve productivity. Hence it is not a stand-alone approach to mount a wide number of access points. Since access points that transmit from the same channel will cause loss of output by allowing user devices to interact.

Do not use older wireless networks on your network to access larger bandwidth, if possible

You can utilize old standard devices with an 802.11n access point-based wireless network. With 802.11n adapters as well as existing 802.11g or even 802.11b systems, the 802.11n access point will operate concurrently. Systems that support existing standards are supported by the 802.11n standard. Except when slow devices are actively receiving the signal, then the 802.11n client speed reduces (50-80 percent). It is advised that only clients of this standard be used on the network for maximum efficiency on the 802.11n wireless network.

Using the band at 5 GHz

Dual-band Wi-Fi, dual-band 2.4, and 5 GHz access points are enabled by certain routers. At a frequency of 2.4 GHz, nearly all Wi-Fi networks run. The more gadgets that operate on the same band, the more they conflict with each other that greatly lowers effective communication. This assertion is particularly valid in apartments in which virtually every resident has Wi-Fi systems. The drawback of the 5 GHz frequency is that this frequency is seldom used, offering low intrusion and optimum connection efficiency as a consequence. To use the 5 GHz network, your phone, tablet, laptop, or USB adapters must endorse the frequency.

Using VPN with unlimited bandwidth option

Recently, the market for VPN services with unrestricted bandwidth has risen exponentially over the years. So if you are exhausted with bandwidth restrictions, choosing the best VPN provider for bandwidth will be an alternative option. Unlimited bandwidth ensures that at any moment you can upload or retrieve as much information or data as you want on a VPN server. All VPN providers, however, do not have unrestricted bandwidth. But knowing the ins and outs of Surfshark VPN would be a helpful reference to this technique since it is one of the industry’s best VPN choices.

Sometimes it can also be good to reduce the strength of the Wi-Fi signal

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the network can run efficiently and securely with so much transmitted Wi-Fi signal power. In the network, high signal intensity can create increased disruption and inconsistencies. The effect of cross-channel interference can be impaired if the signals that your access point is operating with are very strong ( you can see several wireless networks and the signal strength is high). This interference impacts the network’s efficiency as it greatly raises the noise level which, due to the intermittent transfer of data, results in low connectivity integrity. It is advised that the transmitting capacity at the access point be minimized in this situation.

Switch the power-saving mode off

On certain mobile devices with power-saving mode activated, low Wi-Fi connection speed can be seen (especially in sleep mode). It can impact the functionality of the wireless adapter of the Wi-Fi device. To check the connection, turn off this mode manually. The battery saving mode is enabled automatically on certain devices when the battery level is set below a certain limit (for example, when the charge is below 20 percent or 15 percent ). We suggest that you ensure that the remaining battery does not drop to a certain level if you do not know how to switch off the power saving mode in the settings

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