High-Tech Manufacturers Underutilizing ERP

Epicor issues call to action to use modern ERP for driving customer experience

A new IDC Manufacturing Insights White Paper sponsored by Epicor Software, titled, “Get Customers Inspired – A Call to Action for High-Tech Manufacturers,” reveals barriers between high-tech manufacturing companies not utilizing modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to full capacity and the driving factors to implement a customer experience strategy.
Epicor is a business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations The high-tech manufacturing industry is a consumer-driven, fast paced sector where success is fully influenced by meeting those consumer expectations at the end of the value chain. Survey results from the report, uncovered the majority of high-tech manufacturers are limited in utilizing their modern ERP solutions and understanding how technology innovation can drive greater customer experience.

According to 45% of survey respondents, the main barrier to creating customer experience is related to lack of back-office/front-office integration in the organization. With the inability to quickly adapt business processes and limitations to access and utilize the data—these factors all point to ineffective or rigid IT systems identified as both critical barriers to creating a greater customer experience.

“Keeping up with the required pace of innovation is by far the main business challenge for high-tech manufacturers today along with rapid changes in market demand and aggressive competitors,” said Pierfrancesco Manenti, head of IDC Manufacturing Insights research practice in Europe, Middle East & Africa. “More frugal consumer behaviors in developed countries and demand from unstable emerging economies are pushing high-tech manufacturers to launch initiatives aimed at achieving superior customer loyalty through technology innovation.”

“To prevent volatility and improve customer fulfillment, manufacturers need to find new ways of understanding future demand and utilize modern ERP platforms to its full capacity that can integrate business processes throughout the value chain,” added Manenti.

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