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Fynd supports open-sourcing to boost entrepreneurship ecosystem

Shares its cutting-edge technologies to the entire developer community and users worldwide

In an attempt to open share its internal tools and data streams to improve software development and drive entrepreneurship ecosystem, Fynd, the unique fashion e-commerce portal has decided to contribute towards the open source community by launching Through this open source, Fynd aims to adhere and support the open sourcing philosophies and make cutting-edge technologies available to the entire developer community and users worldwide.

Several Silicon Valley based start-ups and other biggies have joined open source communities to make cutting edge technologies accessible to their users globally. Through open sourcing, Fynd also aims to make its engineering tools and data streams visible to the whole world. So far, Fynd has made use of Kafka, React, Angular, Ansible, Packer and several other open-source processing platforms. However, at present, the platform has open-shared its own internal tools and data streams such as the FYND OPEN API, WITI, FYX, ANSIBLE NGINX, ANSIBLE METRICBEAT and GRAVITY VIEW.

While FYND API makes it easy for developers and businesses to build a full-fledged omnichannel fashion e-commerce app, WITI ensures automatic tagging of all the e-commerce specific catalogue images in order to quickly organize, manage, and search through the content. Meanwhile, the tools like FYX offers real time updates from delivery partners on where an order is at a certain time and facilitates integration with ease. METRICBEAT monitors host metrics across the server fleet on Fynd and NGINX is used in both reverse proxy and load balancer topologies across all customer facing and internal services. With GRAVITY VIEW, mobile shopping becomes much easier, as one would simply need to tilt the phone to browse through product images sans swiping. All these open-source software are meant for specific use cases and are highly reliable.

Commenting on the open source philosophy, Fynd Co-founder, Harsh Shah, said, “Indian start-ups are a step backward when it comes to open source policy. We wanted to break this behavior and do our bit by open sharing our own internal tools and data streams. India has become a huge market for software and various technology offerings – ranging from operating systems to cloud solutions. Having built some really cool products, which we use internally, we wanted to continue with our vision to share them as well in the upcoming months, once we are ready with the proper packaging and manual. Since India has a large base of technically skilled professionals, open source comes as a great opportunity for translating ideas and technologies into reality.”

Several countries strongly support open source community, and, Fynd by sharing its technology and data is poised to intensify the country’s tech-focused developments.

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