Fujitsu Extends PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop to Support SAP HANA Vora

Enables enterprises to tame big data and extract valuable business intelligence from multiple data sources

Fujitsu is now making it easier for enterprises to tame big data and extract valuable business intelligence from multiple data sources, by extending its PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop integrated systems to also fully support SAP HANA Vora.

Increasingly, enterprises are looking to widen the number of sources for their big data processing, but face the challenge of having to sift through a massive volume of information. For example, Formula One race cars produce at least 1 GB/s while on the track, while the sensors on a new jet engine generate around 10 GB/s of data. No matter what the data source, information is only valuable to a business when it can be analyzed effectively and quickly, to deliver valuable insights that support decision making.

To manage this deluge of information in the most cost-effective way, businesses often implement the SAP HANA platform for fast processing of structured business intelligence data, alongside Hadoop, to handle unstructured big data. SAP HANA Vora allows enterprises to bridge SAP HANA and Hadoop to undertake big data analysis across both datasets. SAP HANA Vora is an in-memory distributed computing solution for business that leverages and extends the Apache Spark execution framework to provide enriched interactive analytics on enterprise and Hadoop data. It combines an in-memory query engine and powerful functions including an in-memory graph database for real-time graph analysis and a time series analysis engine.

PRIMEFLEX integrated systems reduce the complexity and risk associated with big data deployments and give enterprises faster time to value. They are pre-integrated and pre-tested all-in-one packages that combine servers, storage, network connectivity and software. Fujitsu worked closely with SAP to optimize its PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop integrated system to natively support SAP HANA Vora.

As with every PRIMEFLEX system, businesses can benefit from additional peace of mind thanks to Fujitsu’s planning, deployment and integration services. These help ensure a smooth integration into any on-site environment, getting systems into production as fast as possible, so that they can start to deliver value. Fujitsu also offers strategic big data and analytics consulting in addition to managed infrastructure, integration and maintenance services.

PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop, optimized for SAP HANA Vora, is available initially in Europe, both directly from Fujitsu and via selected channel partners. Pricing is based on configuration and number of nodes per year. The required licenses for SAP HANA Vora are subject to separate agreements.

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