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Fujitsu Delivers Assured Connectivity for Business Critical Applications on Cloud

New service Hybrid Cloud Connect clears the IT roadblock, bypasses the internet to provide secure, low-latency connections to public cloud platform

Fujitsu has announced the launch of a new service, called Hybrid Cloud Connect, that helps organizations accelerate their digital transformation. The new service enables the integration of cloud-based services into corporate networks, by providing assured connectivity and Quality of Service (QoS) for business critical applications running on hyperscale public clouds including Microsoft Office 365, Azure and Fujitsu’s recently launched Fujitsu Cloud Service K5.

According to the release, Fujitsu Hybrid Cloud Connect makes it possible to more effectively integrate cost-effective public cloud services like email hosting. Instead of relying on internet connections, Fujitsu’s new service uses private network connections such as leased lines to connect enterprises’ data centers with hyperscale cloud providers, therefore providing agreed QoS levels that are not affected by the ebb and flow of internet traffic.

Fujitsu Hybrid Cloud Connect allows organizations to fully embrace Hybrid IT by extending their secure virtual private networks into shared, low cost public cloud-based services. This creates a compelling service by combining the performance of reliable, high-speed network connections with the powerful economic arguments of using public cloud-based services.

Conway Kosi, Senior Vice President and Head of Managed Infrastructure Services EMEIA at Fujitsu, comments: “To truly gain benefits from a Hybrid IT landscape, organizations need secure, reliable access to IT services running in the cloud. The introduction of Hybrid Cloud Connect provides much needed reliability and removes the element of the unknown from using the internet to connect to public cloud services. Every organization recognizes that public cloud-based applications can be very cost effective, but enterprise adoption has been tempered by concerns over major challenges such as bandwidth, latency and security. With Hybrid Cloud Connect, Fujitsu is making Hybrid IT a reality by introducing a link between an organization’s own network with our new global cloud platform, Fujitsu Cloud Service K5, the engine of the Fujitsu Digital Business Platform MetaArc that supports customers with digital transformation, as well as other popular hyperscale cloud providers.”

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