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FortiGuard Labs Predicts Cyberattacks Aimed at Everything from Crypto Wallets to Satellite Internet

Fortinet, a global leader in broad, integrated, and automated cybersecurity solutions, today unveiled predictions from the FortiGuard Labs global threat intelligence and research team about the cyberthreat landscape for 2022 and beyond. Cyber adversaries are evolving and expanding their attack methods to target new areas for exploit spanning the entire attack surface especially as work-from-anywhere continues. They are looking to maximize opportunity from the 5G-enabled edge, to the core network, home, and even satellite internet in space. The forward-looking trends reveal strategies FortiGuard Labs anticipates cyber adversaries will leverage going forward, along with recommendations that will help defenders prepare to protect against these oncoming attacks.

Michael Joseph, Director System Engineering, India & SAARC, Fortinet“Cybercriminals are evolving and becoming more like traditional APT groups; zero-day equipped, destructive, and able to expand their techniques as needed to achieve their goals. We will see attacks spanning further outside of the extended network, even into space, as attackers take advantage of a fragmented perimeter, siloed teams and tools as well as a greatly expanded attack surface. These threats will leave overwhelmed IT teams scrambling to cover every possible avenue of attack. To combat these evolving threats, organizations need to adopt a Security Fabric platform founded on cybersecurity mesh architecture.”

A Security Fabric Platform Founded on Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture

The perimeter has become more fragmented and cybersecurity teams often operate in silos. At the same time, many organizations are transitioning to a multi-cloud or hybrid model. All of these factors create a perfect storm for cybercriminals to take a holistic, sophisticated approach. Cybersecurity mesh architecture integrates security controls into, and across, widely distributed networks and assets. Together with a Security Fabric approach, organizations can benefit from an integrated security platform that secures all assets on-premises, in the data center, and in the cloud or at the edge. Defenders will need to plan ahead now by leveraging the power of AI and machine

Learning (ML) to speed threat prevention, detection, and response. Advanced endpoint technologies like endpoint detection and response (EDR) can help to identify malicious threats based on behaviour. Also, zero-trust network access (ZTNA) will be critical for secure application access to extend protections to mobile workers and learners, while Secure SD-WAN is important to protect evolving WAN edges. In addition, segmentation will remain a foundational strategy to restrict lateral movement of cybercriminals inside a network and to keep breaches restricted to a smaller portion of the network. Actionable and integrated threat intelligence can improve an organization’s ability to defend in real time as the speed of attacks continues to increase. Meanwhile across all sectors and types of organizations, shared data and partnership can enable more effective responses and better predict future techniques to deter adversary efforts. Aligning forces through collaboration should remain prioritized to disrupt cybercriminal supply chain efforts before they attempt to do the same.

Additional Resources · Read the blog for valuable takeaways or to access the full predictions for 2022. · Learn more about FortiGuard Labs threat intelligence and research or Outbreak Alerts, which provide timely steps to mitigate breaking cybersecurity attacks. · Learn more about Fortinet’s FortiGuard security services portfolio. · Watch how Fortinet makes possible a digital world you can always trust, and view how the Fortinet Security Fabric platform delivers broad, integrated, and automated protection across an organization’s entire digital infrastructure. · Read more about how Fortinet customers are securing their organizations. · Learn more about Fortinet’s free cybersecurity training, an initiative of Fortinet’s Training Advancement Agenda (TAA), or about the Fortinet Network Security Expert program, Security Academy program, and Veterans program

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