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Focus Softnet Launches Its Next-generation ERP – Focus X

Focus Softnet, the leading software development and enterprise applications provider, today announced the global launch of its next-generation ERP solution – Focus X. Featuring in-memory computing, industry-ready templates, available on mobile and thin client, Focus X empowers organisations with Artificially Intelligent and Futuristic Applications (AIFA) AI and machine-learning driven statistics, predictive analysis and forecasting.

“The power and promise of the future are no longer a dream. We are excited to announce the global launch of Focus X, our next-generation ERP solution. The advanced architecture of Focus X unlocks the true power of the ERP, facilitating real-time insights and advanced data-processing capabilities, while offering superlative security,” says Ali Hyder, Group CEO of Focus Softnet.

Focus X also includes advanced AI engine that sets it apart from conventional ERP, as it allows user to communicate with ERP and ask it to perform tasks such as fetching data, documents, reports etc. AI based predictive analysis would help many vertical industries in forecasting sales, manufacturing and stock requirements with over 101 algorithms to suit even the most unique business requirements.

Moreover, Focus X brings banking right within the application, increasing security along with ease of use and simplification. Organisations can initiate real-time transactions, and automatically reconcile the bank statement with entries in the accounting ledger.

“Focus X includes a plethora of modules that simplify and automate a vast array of tasks for almost every function in the organisation. Its visually appealing and easy-to-navigate UI provides clarity, reduces stress and allows you to access information you want with unparalleled speed. No more staring at the screen waiting for data to load! And if you need something, you can just ask AIFA. Whether it is a report you need at a moment’s notice, or data pertaining to a specific transaction, AIFA’s VUI (Voice User Interface) is ready to serve you,” adds Hyder.

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