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Flexible and modern IT support tools will help enterprises scale up in 2023, GoTo


Indian market is rising as the most important destinations for SaaS and adoption of cloud-based consolidated IT support and management platform will address the needs of businesses in 2023.

According to the findings of our State of Work Life poll with Frost & Sullivan, 43% of businesses believe that the impact of the hybrid or remote work model has made IT administration more challenging

Mathew Phili, Senior Director & Country Manager , Sales – GoTo

What is GoTo’s market strategy to revolutionize IT management for enterprises? 

GoTo is an all-in-one solution provider for remote working tools. We create robust IT support and business communication tools that businesses require to effortlessly communicate with their teams and assist their clients and workers. So, creating a solid entry point to serve the enterprises is our main objective. Working with channel partners is a crucial component of our growth strategy. In addition to our direct sales efforts, we are utilizing our partners’ networks and customer base to expand our geographical reach across India. The mapping out of partner journeys is a crucial step. It will enable us to have the partner-customer connections we want, which will not only help us accelerate our market expansion but also lead to increased sales, higher retention rates, and customer satisfaction. In addition to that, we’re leveraging distributors such as Technobind and Ingram Micro and their partner network and customer base to complement our direct sales effort to enable a wide geographical reach throughout India. 

Please share your thoughts on the kind of technological trends that have been shaping businesses post pandemic. 

According to the findings of our State of Work Life poll with Frost & Sullivan, 43% of businesses believe that the impact of the hybrid or remote work model has made IT administration more challenging. Traditionally, the IT budget was only used to manage physical resources. However, today, it also requires taking into account elements like knowledge upskilling and technological advancement. Major technological trends that have sustained business operations throughout the turbulent years of the pandemic and are expected to enhance business resilience in the coming times are: 

  • Cloudification – It is the embrace of the cloud as a technology and a method for business change. With a significant shift towards digitalization across all levels of the technological stack—software, applications, platforms, infrastructure, and services—this trend is predicted to continue.   
  • Network security – Maximum security across cloud and network settings is referred to as “zero trust security.” Businesses are finding the cloud-based zero trust architecture to be both affordable and simple to use. 
  • Video conferencing – Video conferencing is essential in order to facilitate decision making with greater proficiency, and to enable an additional means for customers to connect, interact and communicate with their chosen brand, which is fueling further development of video collaboration solutions. 

What industries have adopted your technologies? 

GoTo is already working with many channel partners and GSIs to co-create resilient IT support tools for businesses of all sizes. Our solutions have seen extensive adoption among BFSI, ITES, BPO/OIT, Higher Education and Healthcare-focused businesses to better support and connect their workforce and customers securely. 

We recently announced our partnership with Shahi Exports, India’s largest apparel manufacturer, to expedite its digital transformation operation. Shahi Exports employs a large number of help desk agents to manage a distributed workforce throughout its operations. The collaboration is a part of Shahi’s continuous efforts to improve the IT infrastructure throughout all 50 of its cutting-edge production facilities. GoTo Resolve will be crucial as an enterprise-grade platform that gives Shahi easy remote access and administration capability for IT assistance. GoTo’s adaptable platform will include support desk ticketing, multi-agent cooperation to address problems more quickly and effectively, a live dashboard to monitor agent performance, and report creations.  

Skillrary credited GoTo and GoTo Webinar for helping its training organization stay connected with students during the pandemic as well as users who expect a plug-and-play collaborative tool. GoTo filled a much-needed gap in empowering their employees who are increasingly operating in a remote work environment.  Skillray has been impressed by GoTo Webinar’s performance and with the 24×7 support which optimized the user experience.  

From a global standpoint, Rescue has been used by FUJIFILM to boost its web-based remote support solution, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve cost savings across Asia Pacific. Lenovo is another Rescue customer and first implemented the solution back in 2010 for remote support. With Rescue, Lenovo has been able to achieve a lower handle time and a lower time to delivery of service, reducing the cost per incident, resulting in approximately $1 million in savings per year 

Working through channel partners is a core part of our expansion strategy. TCS, Cognizant, Infosys, Wipro, HCL and Tech Mahindra are some of our significant Global System Integrators partners who enable us a wide geographical reach across the Globe.  In some cases, GSI’s also act as Managed Service Providers (MSP), embedding our solution along with their solutions/platforms to serve multiple customers. We’re leveraging our partner’s network and customer base to complement our direct sales effort to enable our wide geographical reach throughout India. 

What factors should enterprises consider while addressing the proliferating demand for a robust cybersecurity system? 

Cybersecurity is not just an IT issue today.  It is a challenge for businesses of all sizes throughout the world. Modern organizations are becoming easier targets, with cyberattacks on large corporations making headlines every day. Businesses are at serious risk in the current cybersecurity environment, primarily because they are unaware of their own vulnerabilities and threats. When selecting software solutions, security and steadfastness are two of the most important determining variables. This is particularly important for small enterprises with constrained IT resources. Our study, conducted in collaboration with Frost & Sullivan, found that support for IT process automation assistance (28%), assuring performance and reliability (25%), and increasing staff productivity (25%), are the top three selection criteria when evaluating new IT software. Modern security solutions are likewise highly regarded, and GoTo places security at the top of its list of priorities both internally and externally. It is acclaimed for outperforming its competitors in terms of dependability and stability, and it offers performance, with almost 100% uptime, 24/7 dedicated support, and a pioneering Zero Trust design. Without zero trust, malicious actors may employ such technologies to infiltrate client devices with malware, acting under the assumption that everything within is reliable. That cannot occur with zero trust-based support software as they require systems to validate requests before granting access to any information, which is why zero trust is a key component of GoTo Resolve, our comprehensive all-in-one IT support and management platform that combines all the best parts of real-time support with ticketing tool, together with remote monitoring and endpoint management. 

What is your growth expectation for this year? 

With the Indian market rising as one of the most important destinations for SaaS-based technology, hybrid work models, and customer support organizations, we intend to penetrate the sector both at the corporate and product levels. To co-create resilient IT support technologies for companies of all sizes, GoTo is already collaborating with several channel partners and GSIs. Our solutions are especially important for enterprises focusing on the BFSI, ITES, BPO/OIT, Higher Education, and Healthcare sectors, to better serve and connect their employees and customers securely.  

In order to increase the accessibility of our solutions to customers and to guarantee a geographical strategy that works for partners in various regions, we are eager to collaborate with additional partners as we continue to expand the partner ecosystem.   

What are the important areas of concern that technology leaders or IT decision-makers should look into when choosing an IT solution management system? 

According to a report by NASSCOM and McKinsey, India’s technological services can achieve $300-350 billion in annual revenue by 2025 if it can exploit the fast-emerging business potential in the cloud. The adoption of a cloud-based platform, which can build effective IT teams, boost worker efficiency, and address the issues of the new era head-on, is the current paradigm that IT executives must embrace. IT directors should strive to stay ahead of security issues and make sure their budget allows for any additional management or security expenditures associated with SaaS. Typical priorities of today’s IT leaders are no longer just about efficiency and ease. IT needs to drive business growth and cut costs, all while constantly hunting for innovative technologies. Enterprises should deploy solutions that secure all remote working endpoints, respond promptly to and mitigate difficulties and employ a platform that makes cybersecurity operations simple and easy to use, like zero trust and multi-factor authentication (MFA). Lack of skills and reskilling, tech apprehension, and limited funds have created a demand for an effective IT strategy that can manage and scale business operations and people in it. In other words, businesses must be able to accomplish more digitalization work with fewer resources, which is where products like GoTo Resolve will play a key role. 

What is your road map for 2023? 

Digitalization is making inroads into most verticals. With our recent product innovations across GoTo Resolve and GoTo Connect and company growth with the acquisition of Miradore, we are continuing to lead the industry and provide the solutions businesses need to connect easily and efficiently. The unified and simplified GoTo portfolio is built and designed to suit the requirements of enterprises across India. Additionally, we would be organizing marketing programs with our partners to reach more prospects and customers to enable them to successfully operate in their hybrid work journey.   

At GoTo, we are continuously enhancing solutions for IT administrators to provide them with the knowledge and dependability required to reduce tickets and keep organizations operating efficiently. Our improvements today go one step further to eliminate typical technological hurdles and help businesses operate more efficiently. GoTo aspires to be at the forefront of creating business innovation that will future proof workplaces for enterprises alongside the channel partners and GSIs. 

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