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FireEye Renewed its Approach to Cyber Attacks

Launches Mandiant Red Team Operations and Penetration Testing Services using advanced attack methods to determine weaknesses in networks, IoT devices, and ICS to improve incident response

Aiming to extricate potential flaws in cyber protection, FireEye has launched Mandiant Red Team Operations, a set of objectives-based assessments that conduct no-holds-barred attacks on organizations to highlight weakness in systems or procedures and to enhance detection and response capabilities. Apart from Red Team Operations, FireEye have also come out with Mandiant Penetration Testing, offering eight highly customizable penetration test types including penetration tests that assess industrial control systems, IoT devices, and mobile applications and devices will also be available to its clients

As per the press release, the Red Team Operations provide two types of assessments that seek to accomplish certain breach-related objectives using FireEye’s nation-state grade intelligence and emulating the TTPs of the most advanced threat actors. The first ‘Red Team Assessment’ will be a full-scale attack focused on accomplishing specific goals related to organizations’ most critical assets, obtaining sensitive communications or data, breaking an application, or taking control of automated devices. It will test an organizations’ security posture with or without prior knowledge. The second offering, Red Teaming for Security Operations will directly analyze security operations by adding dedicated incident responders to existing security teams during a Red Team Assessment. The responders will oversee detection and response processes and provide guidance afterwards. FireEye claim that these services will add to the formal enhancement of organizations’ prevention, detection, and response capabilities.

For organizations looking to put certain technologies and systems under direct testing, FireEye has launched Penetration Testing Services from Mandiant to identify and provide mitigation strategies for complex security vulnerabilities across any software, hardware, or network in an organization. Penetration Testing from Mandiant will be utilizing the same intelligence-led approach as Red Team Operations, applying knowledge of the most successful threat actors and adversary intelligence to conduct reconnaissance, identify vulnerabilities, exploit them, and carryout an attack, the release said.

Users will be able to customize Penetration Testing from Mandiant for embedded device/IoT assessments, ICS penetration assessments, mobile device assessments, external penetration tests, internal penetration tests, web application assessments, wireless technology assessments and social engineering.

“IoT and mobile devices are exponentially expanding the vulnerabilities of organizations as their adoption outpaces security teams’ ability to properly vet and secure them. Additionally, the focus on security around ICS has never been greater as fear of attack on infrastructure grows. Our decade of knowledge on how determined adversaries identify and exploit vulnerabilities and domain expertise in these emerging and critical technologies enables us to provide comprehensive recommendations to improve security postures,” said Marshall Heilman, VP and Executive Director, Incident response and Red Team Operations, FireEye.

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