Executing Intelligent Conversations

Incedo recently introduced an open source framework, Incedo Cognitive Framework (ICF), which helps clients build and deploy BOT’s applications. The framework offers Business Process Automation using cognitive solutions at a competitive support cost.

ICF is a cognitive framework which helps enterprises to build, configure and develop applications for different use cases and requirements across various domains. The platform is apt for enterprises that don’t want to build a complex chat bot from scratch.
Unlike other frameworks currently available in the market, ICF uses open source technology which makes the framework flexible, robust and secure. Hence, it can be integrated into existing enterprise systems without any cross-platform application concerns. It currently supports English-language conversational BOTs, understands natural language and responds to customers with a human-like response. Besides, with a powerful framework like ICF, an enterprise can access advanced statistics, analytics and business intelligence.

What makes it different from other platforms?

An enterprise can start seeing benefits of this framework within a few weeks of deployment. One of the main advantages of using ICF is that it keeps the cost of creating and operating BOTs comparatively low, and transactions also end up cost-effective.

Secondly, the framework includes Natural Language Processing (NLP), domain knowledge and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities. NLP makes it possible to hold conversations and has an added capability of switching contexts and coming back to the original conversation. Hence, virtual humans can converse with customers intelligently and create tickets just as efficiently as human beings. Meanwhile, ML provides the ability to self-learn. These factors help to automate tasks which are mundane and repetitive in nature. Business processes can be implemented with the platform quickly and BOTs can be rolled out once the algorithm is applied. Meanwhile, the same platform can be used to create multiple bots.

ICF also has the capability to integrate into any engine – including NLP, ML, user interface and backend from different solution providers. This allows flexibility in any business process automation. The framework is scalable and can accommodate higher computing capacity and BOTs. If a business wants to venture into a new product or service, it can easily create a new product with a different use-case and roll it out within a few hours – without taking the help of a developer.

BOTs have become the biggest, and one of the most useful trends in technology. It is here to redefine how businesses sell products and services.

By: Arun Arora, Vice President – Communication Engineering, Incedo

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