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Eventus Rolls Out New Threat Intelligence Service to Defeat Cyber Threats

Manish Chasta, Co-founder & CTO at Eventus.
Manish Chasta, Co-founder & CTO at Eventus.

Managed Security Services provider Eventus Techsol has unveiled its latest offering of Threat Intelligence Service.

Threat Intelligence is a crucial aspect of maintaining the security of an organization. It can help prevent data breaches and other cyberattacks. Threat Intelligence is instrumental in analyzing the adversary’s attack behaviour and motives and mapping it to the target business industry for a better contextual understanding. Eventus Threat Intelligence Service provides unparalleled insights into adversary’s behaviour, motives, and attack tactics allowing organizations to maximize the performance of every component of their security with strategic, operational, and tactical intelligence.

“We are excited to launch our Threat Intelligence service, which will provide our customers with a higher level of proactive detection based on real-time feeds, and visibility against the ever-evolving threat landscape,” said Manish Chasta, Co-founder & CTO at Eventus.

“Customers can expect improved visibility through the industry’s most comprehensive coverage of intelligence sources. This helps gain a thorough understanding of current and emerging threats, allowing them to proactively identify and mitigate risks. As part of the service, we also keep an eye on the dark web, and if one of our customers has a data breach, we help them take preventative measures and advise them accordingly,” added Manish.

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) plays an important role because it uses intelligence for the automation of security to detect threats. Eventus Service has threat feeds that provide actionable data in form of Indicators of Compromise (IoC). This actionable data is collected by analyzing cyber-attacks around the globe. These threat indicators contain email addresses, URLs, and servers used in major cyber-attacks. It also tells about techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) used by cybercriminals. These Indicators of Compromise (IoC) help in making defense stronger.

Eventus Threat Team monitors multiple threat intel sources that include government agencies, vendor updates, open threat feeds, twitter-discord-telegram forums and paid feeds from our threat intelligence partners. The Team then curates the threat intel, validates and attaches confidence values and creates behaviour-based mapping using MITRE and MBC techniques. The Threat Team provides real-time feeds to SOCaaS team where the IOC’s are scanned through automated playbooks and behavioural rules added on Data Lake for retrospective and real-time detection. Thus providing our customers with proactive detection and protection.

All of the CTI is curated using a proprietary platform as the base, which helps Threat Experts get complete visibility in a single pane. The workflows inbuilt along with multiple AI tools like clustering – for similarities, labelling – for grouping, and GraphDB – for relationship mapping, help the experts to make a threat informed decision. Thus, based on the multiple factors including the confidence value, CTI-based workflows can be created to get the TI operationalized in the organization.

 “We believe that the new service offering of Threat Intelligence will be able to provide great value for our customers. We have shared over 843 Threat Advisories with our customers in the last year, proactively blocking 25000 plus IOC’s. Combining advanced threat intelligence with our Managed SOC gives our customers even better visibility and control over their security posture, which is critical in today’s threat landscape. The Threat Intelligence Service is available immediately to Eventus’ customers. The company plans to continue investing in its Managed SOC capabilities to provide its customers with the most comprehensive cybersecurity solutions available,” said Sunil Sapra, CRO at Eventus.

The Threat Intelligence Service offered by Eventus provides comprehensive information about the cyber kill chain, eliminates false positives, and minimizes response time to block malicious activities as soon as they surface worldwide. The platform simplifies and automates security workflows, enhancing tactical intelligence and operational efficacy.

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