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eScan drives endpoint protection for enterprise clients

Enterprises can no longer rely solely on traditional security solutions in today’s evolving cyber threat landscape. To effectively combat the sophisticated, stealthy and targeted attacks, enterprises need to effectively implement a defined security solution capable of proactively protecting the endpoints. CISOs need to take a defined approach that will deploy a robust security solution to secure the endpoints from cyber threats at all times for business continuity.

Keeping the above challenges in mind, eScan’s Endpoint Protection (EPP) solution has been designed to ensure that protection of endpoints against all kind of attacks can be done without interrupting business continuity. eScan’s R&D team has developed an integrated solution based on artificial intelligence (Proactive Behavioral Analysis Engine Technology) & security analytics (SIEM / MTDR) etc. which provides a comprehensive approach that applies real-time behavioral monitoring of any unknown threats and efficiently mitigates them, be it ransomware, APT or DDoS attack. eScan’s EPP solution provides a unified protection and management of endpoints for seamless business operations using a central web based management console.

Speaking about this innovative security solution, Govind Rammurthy, CEO & Managing Director, eScan said, “eScan’s Endpoint Protection solutions have been developed with AI solutions that proactively provide protection against advanced level cyber threats such as ransomware, DDoS, APT, Targeted Attacks, Spear Phishing and zero-day attacks, using behavioral analytics. It empowers the CISOs for securing all endpoints of a network with a central web-based management console. The system administrator also receives an auto alert about any compromised endpoints on the network. This can be used to evaluate the threat and mitigate any possible risk to the network, by isolating the compromised endpoint.”

eScan’s EPP solution helps in monitoring and securing critical data to prevent any kind of data leak or data theft with features such as DLP (data leak prevention – device control, application control, print activity monitoring), SIEM, asset management, mobile device management and many more features that enables the system administrator to effectively manage and control the network from any security breaches.

eScan’s EPP solution is an integral part of eScan’s array of products, with MDM and Hybrid Network Support, are eScan Corporate 360, eScan Endpoint Security and eScan Enterprise 360. Furthermore, the new eScan Management Console (EMC) module includes a Secure Web Interface that facilitates dynamic security management of the server, endpoints and mobile devices in the corporate network. It is an exceptional combination of advanced and next-gen solutions that ensures protection to platform OS Agonistic (Windows, Linux and Android-based devices).

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