Enterprises Automate Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to Streamline Cloud Management

env0, a provider of automated, collaborative remote-run workflow management for cloud deployments, highlighted continued adoption of the company’s cloud infrastructure automation platform by organizations globally as users leverage env0 to streamline Terraform, Terragrunt, and IaC Git workflows. Ratings by entities using and analyzing the platform’s CD pipeline automation, powerful role-based access control and governance of IaC deployments reveal the significant value of the env0 platform.

env0 provides an automated, collaborative remote-run workflow management platform for cloud deployments that is natively integrated with Terraform workflows to address provisioning needs and changing cloud resource compliance. With env0, users can set up granular RBAC controls to establish cloud credentials for those that can apply changes and set up team roles and privileges. The company emphasizes security in cloud management and provides premier management of keys, tokens, cloud credentials, and other environmental variables at every level with a single configuration. Secrets are only stored on the customer’s account using the AWS Secrets Manager.

In one deployment, Salt Security, a Gartner Cool Vendor and leader in API security, implemented env0 to manage its Terraform environment. According to the DevOps engineers at Salt, “env0 was the premier choice to enable our team with self-service Terraform based cloud environments,” said Yaron Hagai, VP, R&D, Salt Security. “We have received significant value from the use of this platform, which has increased our efficiency several-fold by improving the visibility, predictability and governance of our Terraform deployment.”

In another installation involving a financial services leader, the company deployed the solution to manage Terraform across more than 200 sites, greatly simplifying its management workflow from a centralized location. The company cites the added visibility, predictability, and governance of its distributed cloud environments, providing a simple to manage and access control model with open policy agent (OPA) guardrails that allow rule declarations around infrastructure access and GitOps workflows that prevent deployment issues.

“env0 enables the DevOps engineer to create workflows and extend IaC capabilities to run any type of code at any point in the deployment process for maximum flexibility,” said Roy Illsley, Chief Analyst Cloud and Data Center for OMDIA. “The platform’s recently announced secure software agents allow for user deployable IaC with AWS AssumeRole support providing authorized users with multi-role flexibility in the same account or across different accounts.”

“env0 is seeing increasing adoption for its ability to operationalize automated infrastructure provisioning either on demand or in response to business requirements,” said Ohad Maislish, CEO and Co-founder of env0. “With the technology, IT professionals managing the CD pipeline benefit from real-time visibility and are able to easily manage changes to cloud resources to streamline Infrastructure as Code workflow. We welcome the positive stream of reviews the company has received and look forward to supporting an increasing number of organizations as the company expands.”

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