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Engineering Dream? 5 Reasons to Pursue a Specialization in Blockchain

It’s true that the practical applications of technology enable our everyday lives.

Do you consider your smartphone the apparent pocket accessory in today’s digital age. There’s hardly anything that is not in your reach with this piece of technology. Shopping, banking, entertainment, emergency, healthcare and everything else is available at just a touch. With billions of people using their smartphones at any given minute, the data generated is significantly momentous! That’s just smartphones. Credit cards, personal computers and everything with a silicon chip are capable of generating data.
In the 21st century, technology is at the axis of all things at large. A bird’s eye view of the world will showcase how technology is integrated amongst everything. If you’re interested in pursuing computer science as a career, take a look at the blockchain technology syllabus – it will sure excite you! The blockchain technology syllabus at university level will put you in the center of programming and way beyond. However, more on that later, let’s talk about a bird view perspective.

Data-Data Everywhere!
If technology is one set of cogs in today’s world – data is another. Data is so evident that there are full-fledged careers in this domain. It’s a flux that binds everything together, and that’s not an understatement. Big data, data analytics, data science and plenty of other microdomains function together for an insightful future.
But, why are we talking about this? Well because, technology moves fast, and disruptions happen on an everyday basis. Blockchain is one of those disruptions that is nothing less of a revolution.

So, What is Blockchain?
You must’ve heard of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is the primary principle on which cryptocurrencies work. During engineering, students learn about this in the blockchain engineering syllabus in much depth. Consider the following brief explanation.
Blockchain is a time-stamped series of immutable (unchangeable) records of decentralized data (blocks), i.e. it’s not owned by any single entity but by a large cluster.

Credits: IBM

So, blockchain enables us to store data (transactions), and it’s impossible to hack because of its decentralized and irreversible mechanism.

Why Study Blockchain?
As an engineering aspirant reading this article, blockchain is perhaps the most significant domain you should know.
If you’re particularly interested in computer science, pursuing a specialization in blockchain will make things future proof for you. Here are five reasons to pursue a specialization in the blockchain.

  • Opportunities

Blockchain is booming with opportunities and market is in high demand for engineers who have the acumen and passion in the domain. The blockchain domain is here to stay, and students who quickly adapt to it will find themselves in a sea of jobs.
It’s the next-big disruption and organizations across different industries are already experimenting with blockchain technology. Insurance companies, healthcare sector, banking, financial institutions, and others have stepped into the functional aspect of blockchain applications.
The acknowledgment of blockchain from the most traditional industries is a small demonstration of its future.

  • Growth

According to a report published by Glassdoor, there was a 300% YOY increase in blockchain related job postings in 2018. The growth will continue and blockchain being a necessary core of computer science will provide fruitful future for those who are curious.
In fact, along with computer science students searching for blockchain technology syllabus, there’s a huge search volume of freelance blockchain experts.
Upwork’s Q2 2018 Skills Index showed growth of 3500% from Q2 2017 – the fastest skillset in terms of demand.

  • Chance to Participate in the Inflection Point

IBM states, “What internet did for communication, blockchain will do for businesses.” Blockchain is all set to reach critical masses and will be the core of transactions. It’s especially true for the BFSI industry where blockchain is continually being tested for various functions. A report by EY states the results of a survey where 68% of respondents from the BFSI sector said blockchain was transforming the industry.
The tipping point is an excellent opportunity for computer science aspirants to specialize in blockchain.

  • Learn The New

There are many reasons to pursue blockchain and learning the latest in computer science is one of them. Students who will pursue blockchain specialization will futureproof their career. It’s a first-mover advantage, and students will find themselves learning a lot more than traditional computer science subjects. The possibilities are endless, and the use of blockchain will change many processes within functional systems of various industries.

  • Money

It’s clear that blockchain has much potential and it’s merely in its nascent stage. The blockchain market is estimated to reach $28 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 74.1%. Such numbers showcase one thing for sure – there’s a lot of money to be made in this domain.
As a computer science aspirant, you can make use of your education to gain employment or even become an entrepreneur.

So, What Should You Do?
The world is getting more digitally integrated, and it’s clearly visible. If you aspire to apply practicality to solve problems – engineering is the right choice for you. However, if you have a bent towards computer science, do explore specializations such as blockchain to have a career that is rooted in the future.
Blockchain is highly valuable and a technology around which you can build your career. If you’ve already decided to search for blockchain technology syllabus to know what all you’d be studying, you’re in the right path. However, do know that there are only a handful of universities that offer B Tech in Computer Science with Specialization in Blockchain. Universities like UPES offer a specialization in Blockchain in association with IBM. It’s an industry-aligned course that preps students to take on real-world challenges. It’s also India’s first and only university to be ranked QS 5 Stars for Employability.

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