Empowering CIOs to deploy, manage and monitor cloud their way

Fuelled by product innovation and niche solutions though offerings like the Community Cloud and eNlight Cloud, Indian infrastructure player ESDS Software Solution has been vowing enterprise customers and vying for a greater CIO mindshare through innovative solutions that are elastic, scalable and secure.

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We are successfully mitigating CIO challenges by moving away from being a traditional CSP to providing digital services through high automation, self-service customer models and our patented auto scaling technology.”

Ranjit Metrani
EVP Sales & Chief Revenue Officer
ESDS Software Solution


From an overall Infrastructure PoV including DC and Cloud, how was the calendar year from a global and India market standpoint?

As Gartner recently reported, the DC spending in India was up by 2.6% YoY in comparison to the global growth of 4.5%. Cloud adoption is definitely on the rise and the Indian market for the calendar year grew to upwards of $1.8Bn at 30-35% CAGR. Global cloud markets grew to $186Billion with SaaS and IaaS driving the highest adoption. The cloud spending in India will cross the $10 Billion mark by 2020 with SaaS being the highest spend category within the public cloud services. As for the IT/ITES vertical, this segment accounts for 30-35% of total cloud spending.

How was ESDS’ performance from a global as well as India perspective?

ESDS’ growth is more than double the global % growth and from India’s perspective as well. This huge growth was driven by rapid increase in adoption of cloud technology by the government and banking sectors.

What activities did you initiate which differentiated you from the competition and helped you to increase market share?

Our product and service offerings were the key differentiators that helped us increase market share. Our unique offering which is the Community Cloud, is especially created for customers in Enterprise, Government, BFSI, SAP and Start-ups. We have introduced a first-of-its kind ‘Community Cloud’ concept, which is exclusively tailored to meet the requirements of a particular community/industry. The design of our cloud service is as per the industry’s norms and standards which effectively make it an ideal choice for niche and specific target groups.  A Community Cloud is especially for those organizations and businesses which work on common lines, projects and applications and need a compatible cloud environment with suitable cloud infrastructure.

Also our patented technology on Auto scaling on eNlight cloud hosting services enables you to deploy, manage & monitor your cloud, your way. If we had to define eNlight in three words, it would be – elastic, scalable and secure. eNlight cloud is a highly robust cloud platform built using enterprise technologies, powered by a unique proprietary diagonal scaling methodology. As RAM & CPU in new generation servers keeps on increasing day-by-day, eNlight’s vertical scaling technology once again becomes a highly useful feature for the industry. eNlight has enabled legacy systems to reap maximum benefits of cloud computing without making any changes in the applications. eNlight has significantly reduced the need for server sizing to a great extent as its intelligent load balancer and scaling technology manages scaling on the fly based on fluctuating load on the server. The servers are shut down when there is no load at all but they start up automatically when load is detected. All these features together create an energy efficient cloud technology.

Which verticals embraced ESDS maximum and why?

Almost each and every vertical is capitalizing on their success because of our services and solutions. Due to the Digital India initiative, the government projects are on a fast track since the past few years and ESDS being a MeitY empanelled CSP and the first to be STQC audited, took an early advantage for on boarding government organizations by encouraging them to adopt cloud technology and related services. We are also SAP certified CSP where we have created an innovative SAP/SAP HANA Community Cloud with HANA operational certification which has empowered us to win big enterprises from Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, and Healthcare industry. Banking & Finance, Education, Agriculture, IT/ITES, Entertainment & Media, Travel & Tourism and Telecom are some of the verticals that we have been serving successfully. Similarly, a lot of start-ups and eCommerce companies are joining hands with us as they see huge advantage of eNlight Cloud’s unique vertical Auto scaling and pay-per-consumption feature for their business.

Can you point out some of CIO Challenges in 2018? What was the experience of ESDS to mitigate those challenges?

Some of the top CIO challenges in 2018 were improving business process, reducing cost without hampering efficiency, cybersecurity, enabling business/product innovation, simplifying IT infrastructure, developing digital imprint, adjusting IT operating models and data management.

ESDS is a hybrid cloud services provider who addresses digital transformation, security and IoT. We are successfully mitigating CIO challenges by moving away from being a traditional CSP to providing digital services through high automation, self-service customer models and our patented auto scaling technology which enables businesses to shift their focus from IT projects towards creating newer and better digital projects.

What all offers you rolled out in the year, what was the adoption rate of those new products?

Product innovation is very essential and also key element which drives our growth. We have launched a unique portfolio in the Private cloud scenario in the form of eNlight360. Our SOC service offerings cover the main security aspects and we have witnessed high adoption in both of these areas. Our customers have been very interested in our new offerings; BOTS and Hadoop services.


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