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EMC Provides Cloud Capabilities to VCE VxRack System 1000

New Neutrino Nodes provide turnkey hyper-converged IaaS platform for OpenStack, VMware Photon Platform and Apache Hadoop; provisions cloud-native IaaS environments in less than an hour

EMC Corporation has expanded its VCE VxRack System 1000 to provide a turnkey cloud-native IaaS experience through new ‘Neutrino’ nodes. The flexibility of the VxRack System is rooted in its rack-scale design, allowing enterprises, ISV’s and Service Providers to leverage different node types for different workloads as they accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. The VxRack System enables workloads to operate at scale by providing a fully engineered hyper-converged rack-scale system – compute, storage and networking – with integrated management. This delivers simplified data center operations, greatly reduced total cost of ownership compared to a traditional SAN, and easy scaling-on-demand.

According to the release, using the VxRack System with neutrino nodes, customers can deploy an enterprise-grade cloud-native IaaS in just a few days with built-in automation as well as dynamically provision resources for the first time in less than one hour. In addition, the software automation layer enables simple “day two” operations including robust monitoring and reporting, single click software upgrades, and single vendor support of these open-source, cloud-native IaaS and data stacks.

The system is a foundation for multiple cloud-native services including OpenStack, VMware Photon Platform, and Apache Hadoop. It serves as one of the underlying IaaS options for the new EMC Native Hybrid Cloud platform. NHC is an engineered turnkey platform that delivers developer and infrastructure services in as few as two days. NHC enables the DevOps model and brings developers a rich set of services to rapidly build, deploy, scale and manage the cloud-native application life cycle while providing the needed visibility, control and financial insights to IT.

VCE infrastructure with industry-leading lifecycle management delivers an unmatched customer experience proven to reduce risk and deliver data center transformation. VCE’s extensive roadmap planning, integration and interoperability testing take the guesswork and complexity of future-proofing infrastructure, enabling rapid technology adoption of hardware enhancements as well as incorporation of emerging technologies such as EMC DSSD, which is planned to be available in the VxRack System later this year to dramatically accelerate performance for targeted workloads. The VxRack System will also take advantage of the VCE Vscale Architecture and VCE Vision software to provide data center scale resource pooling with consistent converged operations and management.

Chad Sakac, President, VCE, the Converged Platforms Division of EMC commented, “The VxRack System 1000 Series is helping IT organizations solve challenges by providing new ways of serving workloads associated with both traditional and growing web and mobile applications. As open source technologies for the development of cloud-native applications and services become more prevalent, IT organizations need a stable platform like the VxRack with Neutrino Nodes for onsite IaaS that can successfully run production workloads.”

Rajesh Ramnani, Regional Director at VCE, the Virtual Computing Environment Company said, “The new web-scale architecture, VxRack System 1000 Series is designed for Enterprises that are looking to transform from developing traditional applications to cloud native applications. VxRack System with Neutrino Nodes will help enterprises to reduce complexity so you can deploy a stable, enterprise-grade OpenStack environment quickly and successfully.

It is simple, reliable and just works. He further added “A campaign like Digital India underscores Government of India’s increased focus on IT innovation by considering development on “Open Source” technologies. Enterprises and Public sector too are seriously considering Open Source, both from Innovation and Optimizing cost perspective. With Neutrino we now have a ready product which can be leveraged by the government and enterprises alike.”
VxRack System with Neutrino Nodes support for OpenStack is orderable and available in Q3 2016. VxRack System with Neutrino Nodes support for Photon Platform and Hadoop Apache will be available next year.

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