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Digital Roots to Host Private Cloud with Hivelocity

Each Hivelocity Private Cloud is built to meet the specific needs of that particular customer

Digital Roots, a cutting edge social media management application, recently selected Hivelocity to host their ever-growing private cloud infrastructure. The Digital Roots platform helps companies like General Motors, Ford Motor Company and The Consumer Electronics Show optimize their social media presence with the help of proprietary Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning analytics.

What makes Digital Roots unique is their ability to not only monitor social media for relevant posts but also comprehend the context of each post to determine contextual sentiment and intent Through proprietary Natural Language Processing algorithms the Digital Roots platform can recognize the sentiment of each social media post and distinguish sales opportunities from a customer service need for their brand clients. With each client response, the Digital Roots cloud learns what type of posts are most important, which posts lead to sales conversions and which result in a negative impact. This information is presented within the Engage interface, creating a simple and efficient way for companies to manage and optimize every opportunity social media presents.

In today’s world, social media dominates our culture and can make or break an organization. One person’s experience can immediately result in millions of people having a positive or negative opinion of a company. Organizations like the ALS Association and Comcast are two examples of how social media can create a public relations windfall or nightmare. The ability to understand what the public is saying about you at both the macro and micro level, in real time, gives Digital Roots’ clients an advanced ability to connect with their customers on a personal level, identify opportunities and quickly mitigate negative sentiment.

Digital Roots’ ability to scour the web and process so many conversations in real- time comes from its custom built Private Cloud provided by Hivelocity. Each Hivelocity Private Cloud is built to meet the specific needs of that particular customer. “Digital Roots was a little unique in that they understood exactly how they wanted their cloud architecture designed from day one. Most of our customers go through a consultation period where we make recommendations on cloud platforms and hardware,” says Hivelocity Cloud Engineer Fritz Stauffacher. “The pace at which the Digital Roots cloud is growing within our data center is a testament to the strength of their team and product.”

“Selecting Hivelocity for our private cloud meant there would be no compromises. The combination of their equipment, services, and support create great value for their clients. The Hivelocity team is extremely collaborative, acting as an extension of our own technical team, making work on complex issues and projects much more efficient.” says Tom Zellman, Digital Roots Chief Technical Officer.

Hivelocity provides private cloud, dedicated server and infrastructure-as-a-service solutions from is privately owned data centers to customers in over 130 countries since 2002. For more information about Hivelocity please visit

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