DigiBoxx Megh3 Cloud Backup is Available at INR 1299/TB/month!

Believed to be India’s only completely swadeshi digital backup solution, DigiBoxx offers Megh3. It is compatible with AWS S3 storage and provides customers with fast, simple, elastic storage solutions at an attractive price point of INR 1299/TB/month!

Megh3 is fully managed elastic storage solution service and offers the users access to flexibility and functionality at an attractive price points, unlimited scalability, security, and performance. Megh3 is ideal for both corporates as well as individuals. It stores, protects and retrieves data at any time, from anywhere on any device, helping streamline workflows, unifying brand inventory across multiple touchpoints, allowing teams to function effectively and in sync. For the corporates who use S3 for backing up data/files, organizations or individuals who want to store enormous amounts of data but are apprehensive about costs, Megh3 is an apt partner for all their data storage requirements.
This is also ideal for those organizations who want to outsource their tech support instead of maintaining an in-house team of professionals to maintain their own hardware.

 Arnab Mitra, CEO, DigiBoxx, said, “I am very excited to bring Megh3 to our discerning customers. Megh3 is built on really compelling, powerful capabilities and we have put tremendous effort into adding new features, keeping in mind the myriad data storage requirements of customers. I am confident that Megh3 will be instrumental in bringing about organizational transformation as it affords both reliability and scalability. In addition, with growing concerns over data ownership and digital IP, it is necessary to be more conscious about where your data is being stored. Our servers and data centers are based in India, ensuring the user’s digital assets are stored safely in the country.”

Features of Megh3

• Seamlessly work using S3 API
• Full control over data
• Secure data encryption
• Strong data durability
• Stringent physical security

In India, Megh3 by DigiBoxx is powered by Hitachi through Hitachi Systems India. DigiBoxx ran a few pilot projects for Megh3 with Hitachi India, and have successfully provided backup storage solution to various businesses that want to truly Store in India.

 Bharat Kaushal, Managing Director, Hitachi India, said, “An opulent and progressive era for India is revolutionizing the cosmic Digital Landscape. While the world witnesses a paradigm shift, infinite possibilities under the unified Digital Platform is interweaving technology that is touching lives of billions. An unwavering evolution of distinguished yet focused Green, Digital and Innovative proficiencies are cementing India’s leadership acumen setting unparalleled and exemplary benchmarks that the world is adapting. Megh3 by DigiBoxx, is one of the most unswerving solutions powered by Hitachi through Hitachi Systems India, that has the illustrious capability of offering technological superiority. It can captivate multifarious and varied attributes just as the CLOUDS tend to immerse and migrate their inherited qualities offering an ecological equilibrium, Megh3 maintains silos under the most perplexing conditions, providing a resilient Digital driven ecosystem. We are revered to have partnered with DigiBoxx for their exemplary infinite storage-based solution that would offer an impeccable platform to preserve data – STEADILY, SECURELY and SAFELY. An illustrious testament of “MAKE IN INDIA” vision, this solution will brace India’s acceleration towards becoming a DIGITALLY EMPOWERED NATION.

Anuj Gupta, Director & CEO – Hitachi Systems India Pvt Ltd., added, “We are thrilled to announce our exciting collaboration with DigiBoxx for the highly-anticipated launch of Megh3. This revolutionary product sets a new standard for digital storage, offering unprecedented accessibility and top-notch security for all your data sharing needs across platforms. In a world where ransomware threats are on the rise, many customers find themselves concerned despite investing in multiple security solutions; The demand for moving data to immutable storage with complete isolation has never been more crucial. By leveraging steadfast and determinate storage with safety, persistence, and isolation, Megh3 ensures the utmost protection for your valuable information.

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